Basic Structure Of A Solid Marketing Message

The Basic Structure of a Solid Marketing Message

Let me walk you through each chunk.

This is about how to put together the bulk of your marketing message, from beginning to end.

 Basic Structure Of A Solid Marketing Message
Basic Structure Of A Solid Marketing Message

It’s not necessary to create the marketing message in a sequential order, contrary to what many marketers and entrepreneurs believe.


I will walk you through the 13 parts that make up a marketing message. You can order these chunks any way you like.


You might decide to go linear, which means you will do it from the beginning to the end. Or, you may skip a bit to help you get going.


You’ll soon see the core structure of every marketing message. These are the 13 Core Chunks, which I refer to as marketing messages.


Attention: The biggest benefit is the greatest problem that you can solve.


Attention is attracted to the first part or chunk of your marketing message. This is usually the headline. Here we will focus on the most important benefit, or the most pressing problem you can solve.

Look at the world through the eyes of the prospect and realize that they are looking for something valuable to share with them.


Start by grabbing their attention. This is the job of the headline. We discussed using curiosity and benefits in headlines.


Interest: This is why they should be interested in what you have to share.


Then we generate interest.


By focusing on why your prospect should be interested in what you have to offer, we generate interest.


After going through the 13 pieces, I will open up an example. This example will be shown to you in action.


We create interest by highlighting the benefits or the benefit we mentioned in the headline.


We demonstrate it. We show prospects that we care about the message you are sending, why it is important to them and how it will impact their lives.


The headline grabs their attention and we then generate interest with the next 300 to 400 words of copy.


Problem: First, highlight the problem they are facing and then move at a future pace.



Next, we will highlight the problem that the prospect faces.


We also address the issue, the obstacle, and the disappointment in the lives of our clients.


We will show you how to make that problem go away by showing prospects what the problem could become if they don’t act now.


Solution: Provide the solution.



We then present the solution after we have presented the problem.


This is where they are paying attention. We’re generating interest. We are trying to solve the problem.


We are agitating the problem and then throwing them a lifeboat.


We are introducing you to the solution.



Credibility: Why they should believe in you.



Once we have presented the solution, it is time to establish credibility.


They should therefore listen to you. They should believe you. They shouldn’t believe what you have to offer about their problem and how your solution will solve it.


Demonstrate that your solution is effective.



We then provide proof. Then, we provide proof that your solution works.


Benefits: Help them improve their lives.



We will show you why your solution is effective, and then we will discuss the many ways this solution can improve your prospect’s lives.


We are telling them what to do, and then we will expand on the solution. This is how we establish credibility for you.


Once your credibility or that of the person behind the product/service has been established, we will then show you why it works.


Once we have shown that it works, then we share the benefits the prospect can enjoy with the solution.


Offer: Show your complete offer



Then, we present the offer.


We review the entire offer. This includes the deliverables, benefits, terms, guarantees, bonuses, and the reason to reply now.


Call to Action: Tell them exactly what you want.



We then call for action.


We explain to the prospect what they should do. Direct response marketing is all about an offer and a call-to-action. We’re telling them what they should do. Click the button, fill in your details, and press submit. You’ll immediately have access to L M N O P.


Warn Future warns of the consequences if they do not take action.



We give a call to action and then we warn.


We are reminding them again of their problem. We are showing them what it will look like if they do not take action.


We are trying to show them what could happen if they don’t act now.


Urgency: Give them an excuse to act now.



Then we build urgency. This gives us a reason to respond now. Is there a limit to the number of copies available? Are these limited-time sales?


Is there a bonus they could get if they reply within 24 hours?


Why are they responding now?


Restate Benefits: Inspire them to act now.



We then reiterate the benefits to motivate them to act now.


We remind them that they can improve their lives by using your solution.


Final Call to Action: Encourage them now to take action.



We give them the final call to act.


We encourage them all to get involved. This could be you saying, “Go ahead. Click the button below now to experience the joy of a beautiful green lawn.”


These are the 13 chunks. This is the order in which they appear.


A solid marketing message generates interest and gets attention. We’ll start by addressing a problem. Then, we’ll present the solution. We will establish credibility for your company.


Your solution will be proven to work by us. We will show them the benefits and all the ways they can improve their lives.


Let’s look at an example I created to demonstrate how the 13 pieces work together and give you an idea of what they sound and look like.


Take a look at the headline: How to Get Rid of 127 Different Types of Weeds with a Can Of Diet Cocake in 48 Hours.


This is how we get attention. This is what gets attention.


We can then say, “It is true.” Within 48 hours, you can have a beautiful, weed-free lawn. All you need is one can of Diet Coke. In a moment I will explain what you can do with the Diet Coke. It will eliminate any of the 127 most common weeds from your lawn, and ensure they never come back.


What you can see is where we are building interest. The headline is what grabs their attention. We then build interest.


This is about sharing your reasons for caring with them. This simple example shows that we are simply repeating what we have said in the headline.


We’ll often expand on this, building that interest. It’s a simple expansion of the main appeal as the headline.


Continue on this path and you’ll notice that this paragraph states, “If your lawn is like many homeowners, it can be difficult to keep it lush, green, thick, and healthy.” You will need to use expensive fertilizers or chemicals regularly to keep weeds away.


This is all a hoax.


It takes time and money to keep your lawn looking great.


What are we doing? We are creating the problem.


It is a constant struggle. Regular use of fertilizers and chemicals is necessary. It takes time and money. We are simply stating the problem.


We then go on to solve the problem. “Not anymore. The good news is that you can start in 48 hours with the information I’m about. You won’t have to worry again about weeds. You won’t have to spend money on lawn services or expensive lawn chemicals, or lose your weekends working on your lawn.


We are introducing the solution. That’s right, we’re expanding upon it.


“Alongside a single can Diet Coke and the simple three-step system for weed removal, you’ll see how we’re introducing a solution over here that “I am about to show will finally give your weed-free lawn the way you want it without the time, money or effort usually required.”


The solution will then be applied to credibility. Here’s Bob Smith, who has been a consultant for over 20 years. As a consultant, I have worked at some of the most luxurious golf courses in America, including those on the PGA Tour. My role was to show them how to keep their courses looking amazing.


Here we’re establishing credibility.


The next step is to prove that the method works.


“See first. We add a small amount of Diet Cocake to the soil. This helps to increase the phosphorus absorption in your grass’ roots. It also coats the roots of the weeds, which prevents them from receiving the water they require. Step 2.


This is the reason we are proving it works.


Then you will have more credibility.


“Diet Coke and water react in soil to cause this to work so fast to kill more than 127 types of insects.”


We’ll now provide more evidence.


Lawn Care Digest says that this is the most effective way to remove weeds. Sarah White, the owner of Elite Golf Club, West Palm Beach, Florida said that this method was “baffling” because it was so easy and took so little time to eliminate our weeds. We tried everything. We tried everything. But nothing gave us the same results as Bob Smith’s Diet Coke Method.


We say that this method isn’t just for golf courses. Listen to Becky Sue from New Jersey say that her lawn looks better than ever in just one week after using my method. “I’m so thankful.


We used proof to show how it works in this example. This chemical reaction is what makes it work. We then shared credible testimonials from Lawn Care Digest, the Elite Golf Club owner. We then shared a homeowner or regular testimonial.


All of this proves that the solution we have introduced works.


This is where the benefits are introduced again.


You’ll see your weeds disappear in days if you apply the three-step and Diet Coke methods to your lawn. Your grass will be thicker and greener. Your lawn will be lush and healthy. It will be more resilient to droughts and other weather problems.


It will thrive even without any additional care.


Every day you will look out at your lawn with pride and achievement.


All this is the benefit.


We then get into the offer. “And that’s because I’m excited for you to use my system on your property, so you can finally have the beautiful lawn you’ve always dreamed of.” You will find the package called “The Lush, Weedless Lawn.” Let me tell what it does and what you get.


“First, you will receive the Three-Step Method. You’ll find the steps you need to follow. The perfect watering schedule is also included. You also get the perfect trimming guide. The entire bundle comes with a risk-free money back guarantee. Either you are thrilled or you can simply send one email to get a full refund. This bundle costs 69. You get a 50% discount when you order your copy now. Everything is only 34.50 Half price. This discount is to show my appreciation for action-oriented people. That’s you.


This is all part of the complete offer.


The next step is our first call for action. Click the button below to grab the package. We warn you that this package is not available for purchase. If you don’t properly care for your lawn, the pesky weeds grow deeper and deeper into your grass, making it harder to remove them.


This is the warning. Next, we move into urgency. Then we move into urgency. Grab your copy of “The Weed-Free Lawn” today to get the …” discount.


This is why, benefit, urgency, and more.


We then reiterate the benefits.


Remember, this is your chance finally to have a beautiful lawn. A lawn that is free from weeds and sparse turf. You will be proud of your lawn and make others jealous. All this without spending money or wasting time.


We end with a final appeal to action.


Get your copy of “The Lush, Weed-Free Lawn” now. Click the button below.


These are the different parts of this sales letter. This can be sent as a long-form letter or as the script for your VSL.


We’ve now covered the fundamental elements of direct response marketing as well as the key elements of how to create your own direct response marketing campaign.


The next section, the core section, will be devoted to the E5 Method and how you can set up an E5 campaign that generates high-volume daily sales from new clients and customers.


It does all while you educate prospects, deliver value, build a solid market reputation, and grow a large tribe that loves you and will buy from you again and again.


Are you excited? Are you excited?