C.U.B.A. Cleaning Process

The C.U.B.A.

The C.U.B.A. Cleaning Process

After your copy has been written and improved, you can look at power verbs and give your verbs more punch. If you use adjectives, they add clarity and are an improvement to the copy.

C.U.B.A. Cleaning Process
C.U.B.A. Cleaning Process

You can then go through your copy and use the C.U.B.A Process, to clean it up.


Mike Palmer, a great financial copywriter, pioneered the original version of this process. This is the process you need to go through in order to ensure that your copy packs the most punch.


First, read the copy aloud. Next, look out for “Confusing” parts.


Are there any jargons or numbers you are using that make no sense? Is there any overwhelming statistic that you are sharing?


Is there anything that hasn’t been explained in the most effective way, clearest possible? Are there parts of your copy that are confusing for prospects? You need to go back and do one of two things.


Next, is there anything in the copy that is “Unbelievable?”


Is there any marketing claim that is not supported by evidence? Are there insufficient proof points that you can use to support your claims? Is there anything you are making that is just absurd? This might be true, but it is not plausible.


Is there anything in your copy that your prospect doesn’t believe or doubts? They’ll bounce if they aren’t sure of anything or are confused by it.


They are going to move on. Unconfused prospects don’t buy. If a prospect doesn’t believe in you, they won’t buy.


Next is “Boring.”


Is there any part of your copy that spends too much time on boring topics? Or are you covering a topic too long that is not relevant to prospects but is meaningful to you? Are you sharing too many numbers, or too many stats? Are you getting too much into the weeds? If so, you will need to either trim, cut down, improve, or remove it.


Finally, is there anything in the copy that is difficult to read? If so, you might have to go back and read another sentence, or two, to get it right.


Are you using pronouns? Are your pronouns being used too far from the subject of the sentence? What are you referring?


Is Bob the one you are referring too, or Jane? You’ve mentioned two of them and now you’re saying “them”. Do you mean both? Do you see any awkward parts?


Is there any part where it feels strange, like the transition between one sentence and another or one paragraph that is just awkward?


This is the best way to find out if it’s true. You can also have a friend, family member, or friend read it aloud, and listen to their comments to see where they stumble.


See where they are confused, where they need to take a break or feel strange. Take a note and then clean up the mess.


The CUBA Process – Confusing Unbelievable Boring, Awkward – is a simple test you can use to polish up your copy and give it more power.