Does your website appear trustworthy?

Online credibility is important.

People should trust you. To be an expert. You’re not sure where to begin.

Your website’s secret signals: Does

your website appear trustworthy?


Online credibility is important.

People should trust you. To be an expert. You’re not sure where to begin.

You have never been featured in Forbes, HuffPost or any other major publications. You don’t have a following, brand recognition or any idea of how to gain trust from your visitors.

Does your website appear trustworthy?
Does your website appear trustworthy?

You feel like you are a nobody.


What can you do to help?


It is important to establish your credibility online.


No matter if you are just starting your website or trying to improve conversions on a decade-old website, it doesn’t really matter. Chances are, you don’t know what signals your homepage visitors send to you, both unconsciously and conscious. Signals that show your credibility and trustworthiness can make the difference between a bounced visitor or a sale of $10,000.


This book is fundamentally a guide to online persuasion. It is all about trust psychology.


What is it that makes website users trust websites? What makes people purchase from an online company that they have never heard of?


Are you looking for the answers? You will learn the secrets internet marketers (such as Seth Godin and Tony Robbins) have used to convert billions in sales. These are the secrets that online shoppers don’t know.


Why should you listen to me?

My guess is you are a lot like me once: clueless about websites and unable to understand how to gain prospects’ trust online.


Over the course of my writing career, which spanned more than 10 years I have written over half a dozen books, been asked 10,000+ times for orders, and worked in a few digital marketing agencies. Needless to mention, I have learned quite a few things in this time.


Most of the techniques you’ll find in this book were tested with clients or my online business.


As I have improved my craft, I’ve also learned from others. Because I am a student by nature. Over the years I have invested thousands in masterminds, courses, and books on copywriting and influence. You’ll find the knowledge and experience I have gained along the way in the pages below.


What you will learn

This book is all about proving your authority, credibility, and expertise online. It all boils down to credibility indicators. Here are the top credibility indicators that your business requires at every stage of its growth. Before we go any further, let me clarify what credibility indicators are.


Credibility indicators: The key to instant trust and online influence

A credibility indicator does exactly what it says. It simply means that your website or business is credible. These indicators are often subconsciously searched for by web visitors. A bounce is almost inevitable if the indicators are not present. What are these indicators?


The book is divided into three sections that each cover a different type credibility indicator: expert indicators, essential indicators, and influencer indicators.


Important indicators

Your foundation is made up of essential indicators. You’ll be losing out on conversions if they are neglected, regardless of how many influencers or experts you may have.


This section will cover the credibility indicators that every website must have if it is to be successful. This section is a great place to start if you are just starting a website. We will focus on the essentials, such as grammar, domain name, email address and favicon.


Expert indicators

This section covers credibility indicators that show you are an expert in your field. These indicators are more common in businesses that have been in business for a longer time. Too many companies do not publish these indicators on their websites because they are unaware of them, and that can lead to lost sales.


We’ll be looking at awards, media appearances, testimonials from customers, and the number clients you’ve served.


You might be able add these indicators to your site if you have been in business for at least one year. This will help you to increase conversions quickly in the next months.


Indicators of Influencers

The last section deals with influencer indicators. These are the ones that most of us aspire to attain. These are often the most difficult to attain, even for established companies. However, if you are able to understand the steps, you will be able to identify influencer indicators in just a few weeks.


Learn how to be featured in media outlets and blogs, become a bestselling writer, and leverage leadership roles within your local business community.


Although it may be tempting to skip the glamorous section, I recommend that you read the two before moving on to the next. Even if your goal is to win these highly sought-after influencer indicators, it’s possible that you will lose credibility and convert less.


This book isn’t for you.

Before we get into the details, let me be very clear about one thing: Online credibility will not necessarily buy traffic. This means that even if you have very little traffic, you can still follow most of the tips and see little or no improvement in sales, conversions, profits.


To avoid confusion or misunderstandings, this book is not designed to drive visitors to your website. Its goal is to convince visitors who already visit your site that you are the real deal. The strategies in this book will help you increase sales, conversions, and profits once you get traffic.


This book is not intended for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and SMBs. There are many strategies that work for different business types. You may be more interested in certain credibility indicators than others.


Your credibility is based on your honesty.

It may sound corny. It may sound like bullshit. It might sound like bullshit. But, I promise you, the information you’ll find in the end of this book will be invaluable at any stage of your journey towards becoming an influencer.


The name says it all: honesty is the key. Marketing has a reputation for being dishonest and unethical. But that’s not what this book is about. If you are dishonest with your marketing, and get caught, it’s possible to lose all credibility in a matter of minutes. There is still hope if you find yourself in this situation. However, it will take time to repair the damage.


The conclusion will show you how to embrace honesty, and use it to your benefit. You will learn how public disclosure of your mistakes can build trust and the importance to being honest, and why the Help Mindset is a benefit for both you and your customers.


Are you ready to build your credibility? Let’s get started.