Example of a Big Marketing Idea

Example of a Big Marketing Idea

This page will look at ten real-world Big Marketing ideas.

You’ll notice that I have listed each of the Unique Mechanism and Primary Promise for each to help you understand why it is Emotionally Compelling.

Example of a Big Marketing Idea
Example of a Big Marketing Idea

It is not your job to judge any idea. Although many of the ideas may be from markets other than yours, it is important to look at the whole application, not just the idea.

Even though some ideas may seem “outlandish” and “hyperbolic”, they are all true and based upon research. Although we might push the boundaries with how we present an idea, we will never lie.

Swipe #1: The Marijuana Pack



Primary Promise: Make fifty dollars a huge fortune


Unique Mechanism: The $50 Marijuana Blueprint


We use the term “blueprint” to indicate that the plan has been completed for the prospect. It is step-by-step. It assumes that the prospect needs only $50 to make returns.


A unique mechanism can be packaged with valuable words like “blueprint”, “method”, or “protocol”. This will give prospects the impression that it is easy and doesn’t take much effort. It may also reduce resistance to action.


Intellectually Interesting Appeal


This promotion taps into the awareness potential customers have at the time. They were aware that marijuana was legal in many states and that there was talk of legalization at a federal level. The prospect found the buzz about marijuana as a commodity that had high growth potential interesting and believable.


Be aware that believable claims are not always true. Falsehoods are sometimes difficult to believe. Your prospect should believe your promotion.


Notice also that the headline mentions a specific date in order to create urgency. Many financial promotions use dates to create urgency and persuade prospects to read the promotion.



Swipe #2: Canadian Social Security



Primary Promise: Receive monthly checks between $400 and $4700.


Unique Mechanism: Access “Canadian Social Security”


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: There is a new opportunity for Americans to join the Canadian Social Security System.


American citizens probably won’t be eligible for Canadian social security. This is why you’ll see the quotes about “Canadian Social Security”


The promotion does not mention an investment opportunity in Canada. However, it is very similar to social security. But prospects will get bored if the stock, bond or mutual fund is another stock, bond or mutual fund.


The prospect is interested in learning more about this opportunity and will relate it to social insurance (a benefit that comes with virtually no money each month).


Many big ideas that are successful use unusual, controversial, mysterious or outlandish ways to communicate a dull idea. This is one of many strategies that makes a well-crafted big concept so profitable.



Swipe #3: The Fountain Of Youth



Primary Promise: Take off twenty years from your age.


Unique Mechanism: Medical science’s latest “magic bullet” discovery.


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: Is the “fountain to youth” actually a medical discovery?


This promotion is outdated and unlikely to perform well if it were run today. Regardless of your age, it’s hard to not wonder about this “fountain for youth”.


It could be promoting a supplement or a DVD on fitness, or even a water filter system. It doesn’t really matter. This promotion links the product being sold with a timeless classic (The Fountain Of Youth), so it is instantly understandable and highly valuable.



Swipe #4: The New Railroad



Primary Promise: A chance to be very rich.


Unique Mechanism: A new investment opportunity in the “new railroad”


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: How did an ex-bond trader make so much money and so consistently?


This promotion was among the most successful in direct response history. It brought in tens to thousands of customers and generated tens or millions of dollars over its lifetime.


Many entrepreneurs and business owners knew that railroads created an incredible amount of wealth in the early 1900s for shareholders and railroad owners. It also created many industries that are still around today. America’s economic boom began with the creation of railroads.


This promotion takes advantage of the railroad’s economic boom and links it to “a new railway,” which was… The Internet.


This is what a big idea does. It transforms something mundane, boring, or ordinary into something interesting and compelling. The prospect is forced to investigate.


This is an excellent example.



Swipe #5 – Obamageddon



Primary Promise: In less than 24 months, you could turn $10K into $474K


Unique Mechanism: A Swiss strategy to capitalize on the market shift.


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: What is “Obamageddon”? How does it cause such a historical opportunity to multiply my investment?


This bold idea, targeted at conservative audiences, taps into fear as a powerful marketing emotion. Their bias is confirmed by the fact that Obama’s term as president is a “Armageddon”, while simultaneously introducing the silver-lining.


It also makes Obama and his supporters look like the enemy. Notice the second line that mentions “smart capitalismists.” The target audience identifies themselves as capitalists and accuses Obama being socialist or communist. If used correctly, creating an enemy or opposing force to fight is a powerful psychological marketing tactic that can be very persuasive. The big idea was communicated in just a few words.


Notice also the use of “Swiss Investment Banking” in the title. This is because the audience already knows how valuable Swiss money can be, and how profitable it is.


Also, be aware of the use specificity in this headline. Specific gains can be made on this investment opportunity by using “between $10,000 to $474,030”, which creates credibility and trust. This is how most financial promotions succeed.



Swipe #6 – The Diabetes Mistake Doctors Make



Primary Promise: Prevent diabetes-related debilitating trauma.


Unique Mechanism: New information on diabetes care


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: What mistakes are good doctors making when it comes to diabetes treatment? And is my doctor giving me bad advice?


This headline captures several powerful emotions in just a few lines. The prospect’s mind immediately experiences fear of death, pain, suffering, and doubt.


The promotion targets prospects with diabetes. It introduces fear, uncertainty and doubt by saying that even good doctors can make mistakes. The prospect is frightened and asks their doctor if they know what they are doing.


Next, it discusses the body parts that diabetics often worry about or experience discomfort with: the eyes and kidneys, legs, nerves and heart. The headline is more credible because it’s specific. This makes the reader feel that they are at the right place and implies that the author is well-versed in their particular ailments and concerns. It is not general.



Swipe #7: Dark Trades



Primary Promise: In a matter days, collect $80K


Unique Mechanism: Every stock move is a result of anonymous trades.


Intellectually Interesting Appeal


This big idea taps into our curiosity about hidden, under-the radar activities. This is the same appeal as for any promotion suggesting a conspiracy theory.


This promotion also contains an element of “insider trade” or something that is not visible to the public. It implies that there may be something going on under the radar. Prospects want to discover the truth, uncover secrets, and learn more about other people.


Notice the extreme precision… 801.9% gain in just 79 days. It doesn’t get any more precise than that. These give the idea a lot of credibility.


Although this promotion was very successful, I think it could be improved by adding a date at which the Dark Trades will cease and perhaps a testimonial from someone who made money from these trades.



Swipe #8 – The Spanish Secret for Heart Health



Primary promise: Strong heart health.


Unique Mechanism: Spain’s military secret weapon for superhuman health, and wellness.


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: What did Napoleon’s spy discover about Spain’s ability to produce such powerful and vibrant soldiers?


Right away, the first thing you notice about this promotion is the use “Spanish Army” and “Napoleon.”


It is important to realize that these prospects are conservative older men with an appreciation and interest in history. Many prospects might consider themselves history buffs. The prospect is excited by the possibility of being found out by Napoleon’s spies. This idea is both entertaining and educational.


They might be familiar with a generic herbal supplement and will likely ignore it. However, this alert connects the product and a more interesting concept that the prospect will find educational and entertaining.


When used correctly, big ideas can transform boring things into something exciting that will excite prospects. This will increase their likelihood to pull out their credit cards and purchase.



Swipe #9 – The “Secret Currency”.



Primary Promise: You can achieve wealth by following the same path as the most wealthy families.


Unique Mechanism: The secret currency.


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: What is a secret currency? How have wealthy families used it to make a profit even in bear markets?


Notice the “secret” that powerful people hide from us. We want to find out what wealthy families use to grow and protect their wealth regardless of the economic situation.


This will make it impossible for prospects to resist learning more about this currency and how they can benefit from it.


Swipe #10: Secret Bankers’ Account



Primary Promise: You will earn 30-40% more interest on your money.


Unique Mechanism: The secret bankers account.


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: What’s this secret account? Why is it kept from the public? And how can I get one for my own use?


This great idea taps into people’s feelings of injustice and victimization when they are denied access to certain things. This is where wealthy bankers conceal a special bank account that pays 30-40x more than regular accounts, but won’t reveal the details to the public.


The big idea is to “expose” previously secret information. This is always an appealing angle since all people have a deep desire for more than others, and hate being kept in darkness.


Notice how the preheadline packs a powerful credibility punch. The former accountant for two global banks said it “under oath,” which indicates that he must be truthful. It is amazing how few words are needed to frame the headline that has such credibility.



Swipe #11 – The Golden Date Package



Primary promise: Make 27 times as much money.


Unique Mechanism: Make now the unknown gold trade


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: What’s happening March 31, 2017 will cause gold prices to soar up to $5K. And what trade can you make to make that money?


A calendar image with the date circled gives off authority and creates a bold prediction. Anybody bold enough to make such precise predictions must be knowledgeable.



Swipe No. 12: Read This Or Die!



Primary Promise: Do not die from a disease for which there is a cure.


Unique Mechanism: Uncommon information about disease prevention.


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: Is there a cure for the 95% of common diseases that cause death?


This campaign appeals to the number one fear that many people have, fear of death. This idea was appealing because it emphasized that death due to disease can be avoided since there is a cure “somewhere” in the world.


This promotion creates fear, doubt, as well as curiosity. The reader would like to know what these diseases are and why there is a 95% chance that you will die from them.


This promotion may be older than dirt but you can’t help wondering what diseases it refers to and, of course, how to cure them.



Swipe #13: Retirement Plan B



Primary promise: You will never run out of money after you retire.


Unique Mechanism: Retirement “Plan B.”


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: What’s “Retirement plan B” and how can it help me to never run out of money?


This promotion’s headline (retirement plan A) implies uncertainty by simply stating “Plan B”.


This great idea addresses the number one fear among retirees: running out on money. This idea offers a way to approach retirement in a completely new way.


Notice the faces at the top of each page. These six experts are there to help you understand the plan and give their opinions.


This is a subconscious way to indicate authority. It also indicates that the prospect will receive expert advice from many credible people. It is also a sign that they are now able to access a high-level event, perhaps an invitation-only one, by calling it “roundtable”.



Swipe #14: Trump’s Income Secret



Primary Promise: You can use the same secret income method Donald Trump used to generate passive income.


Unique Mechanism: Donald Trump’s “real income secret.”


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: Is Donald Trump hiding an income secret? If so, how do other people make money from it?


Financial promotion taps into some core emotions. First, regardless of whether you like Donald Trump, you know that he is a billionaire who knows a lot about money. This promotion uses what I call “borrowed credibility”, because it uses Trump’s name and his authority as an entrepreneur.


The promo taps into the common belief that rich people have clever ways to hide their wealth through legal loopholes.


This promotion is a great way to add credibility and belief by using testimonials that highlight specific benefits and dates.



Swipe #15: Social Security Loophole



Primary Promise: Increase your monthly income by anywhere from $400 to $4700


Unique Mechanism: The loophole in the social security website


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: Does the social security system have a loophole that would allow me to get that extra money? Is that possible? Why can’t the government take it away?


The image is my favorite part of this promotion. The promotion is made more convincing by the image of a person accessing the official government site for social security from their laptop.


You’re familiar with the many links and options available on any government website, including the social security website. It’s easy to believe there is a profitable loophole hidden within the website.


Notice the specificity again. It only takes three simple steps to make a monthly income of $400 to $4,700. This relieves the prospect of all the stress and allows them to avoid having to search through the web pages of social security websites in order find more money.



Swipe #16 – 292-C Shares



Primary promise: Tech stocks offer extraordinary returns and you can get rich.


Unique Mechanism: “292-C Shares.”


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: What is “292-C shares?” What is the reason tech companies offer a second chance to gain access to them? And how can they provide such high returns to investors?


This is a classic example in what I call “neologizing” – where you simply add quotations to create a new word from thin air.


This is the simplest way to create a unique mechanism that is powerful and powerful. Because they invented it, nobody has ever heard of it.


It’s hard not to read and wonder what a 292-C share actually is.


The promotion creates urgency right away and gives you a reason for engagement.


“Limited 2nd-time opportunity to get rich” indicates a limited window of opportunity. Notice also the specificity of the examples below the headline. It compares the “292-c” version of top-performing stocks to regular stocks.



Swipe #17: The 1000% Backdoor



Primary Promise: This guy’s $80,000 per month approach will make you money in start-ups.


Unique Mechanism: “The 1000% Backdoor”


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: What is the “1,000% backdoor?” It is a secret way to make money in startups. How does it make this man $80,000 per month?


This is a big idea that suggests a way to make huge gains investing in startups in a way that is not well-known – hence the “backdoor.” verbiage.


The image is another point of interest. The image shows a geeky, nerdy-looking man. The actual investor is the man shown, but his appearance lends credence to the promotion.


He seems very intelligent. This promotion could be used with a gym rat who is muscle bound. You wouldn’t find the same appeal with this promotion, would you?


This is an important aspect of persuasion. You should look good if you promote a product for bodybuilders, and you are also the product creator.


You’re most comfortable if you’re selling accounting software sitting at a desk in a shirt and tie. If used properly, appearances can be an effective tool of persuasion.



Swipe #18: 1 Whitehall Place



Primary Promise: Take a piece from the rich elite.


Unique Mechanism: The secret of 1 Whitehall Place.


Intellectually Interesting Appeal: How did the wealthiest 1% make their money? And what is the secret to 1 Whitehall Place?


This promotion relies on the mystery surrounding a particular address to provide the unique mechanism. This address, like 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (The White House), almost implicitly says “elite.”


It’s a simple concept: The Presidency has number one. Whitehall is a “white house,” which makes it a similar to the Presidency or the “Elite” classes.


This promotion could have been written by someone else, but it doesn’t matter if the secret behind this address was made up.


It’s impossible not to want to know how the richest (1%) became so wealthy.


Although this idea is simple, it’s extremely powerful.



Swipe #19: $42 Billion Opportunity



Primary Promise: Take a share of this $42 billion new opportunity.


Unique Mechanism: New federal legislation opens up a new and huge opportunity to make money.


Intellectually Interesting Appeal


You’ll see a few elements in this big idea.


First, notice how the Statue of Liberty is used in the background. It communicates opportunity subconsciously to most Americans, even though it may be overdone.


Next, notice all the zeros used to indicate “42 Billion”. When possible, it’s more powerful to use as many of the zeros as you can. Many zeros are a good thing for people. This makes the number appear larger. It is possible to count the zeros and see how much the promotion is talking about. It feels like a huge opportunity.


You’ll also notice the use the words “new”, and “legislation” in the final sentence. This prompts the prospect to wonder “What has the federal government done to stimulate economic activity and how can it be repaid?”



Swipe #20: A New Secret Currency



Primary Promise: Get your share of the last 665% return and protect yourself against the next economic crisis with something better than silver.


Unique Mechanism: America’s secret currency for wealth.


Intellectually Interesting Appeal


This promotion contains a lot of uncertainty, fear, and curiosity in one sentence. Let’s take a look at it.


Notice first, the word “America’s Wealthy” is used. This suggests that the elite class is constantly coming up with creative ways to hide and generate wealth. Notice also the use of “now”.


This means that the trend is new and not something that prospects are familiar with.


This is similar to the “secret currency” promotion. It reinforces the belief in the wealthy and famous that they have very few legal loopholes to hide their wealth and keep it. It’s so secret that you naturally want to find out what it is.


This promotion also creates fear and uncertainty by hinting at an imminent “dollar event”. This promote taps into the prospects’ fears about the US dollar collapsing and offers them a way for them to protect their wealth before it happens, much like the most wealthy Americans.


This headline is so powerful and says so much in so few words. This is the power of a big, well-crafted marketing idea.


Here are 20 Big Marketing Ideas to inspire you as you begin to create your Big Marketing Ideas.


Only after I had spent six years researching and studying the “Big Marketing Idea”, I realized that it was the secret weapon to their marketing success.


They nearly all said that it wasn’t their copy, headlines or products, offers, campaigns sequences, or copy. It was not. They credited it as the “Big Marketing Idea”.


Example: Gary Halbert, a legendary copywriter, stated that The Big Marketing Idea is so valuable when he spoke about it in his newsletter.


John Forde, a copywriter and author, said that you will fail if your “Big Idea” is not present. I can personally tell you that every successful ad I have ever written included a Big Idea.


Clayton Makepeace, a highly-paid advertising copywriter, once said that “It’s only from your marketing’s Big Ideas, that accelerated growth happens in your business.”


David Ogilvy was a legendary advertising man who believed in the importance of having a big marketing idea. He stated that it took a big idea to get consumers to pay attention to your product and make them buy it. Advertising that lacks a Big Idea will not be seen by consumers.


This is more true today than ever. We should not underestimate the importance of attracting prospects’ attention with the increasing competition and the number of sales funnels that are published each day.


Average marketers attempt to achieve this by creating hype in their headlines and only making a bigger promise. Prospects today view this as a sales pitch. Having a Big Marketing Idea for your campaign cut through the noise and grabs attention with a compelling and exciting theme.


A Big Marketing Idea is an innovative and new way to make your company stand out. It’s more than a promise made in a headline. It’s an idea that inspires curiosity and excitement.


These 20 examples can be used as inspiration for your ideas. But don’t try to copy them. One thing I want to stress is that Big Ideas are not Big Ideas in a vacuum.


They happen and they are often successful at a particular time. Some big marketing ideas that worked years ago might not be relevant today.


This is a great thing for any marketer in development.