Follow the Rule of Five Ones

Follow the Rule of Five Ones

One of the biggest breakthroughs in my Seven Figure Agency development and acceleration of our growth was when we discovered the Rule of Five Ones.

Follow the Rule of Five Ones
Follow the Rule of Five Ones

This was something I learned from Taki Moore, founder of “Million Dollar Coach.” But Clay Collins, who is the owner and founder Lead Pages, also taught me. He was looking for businesses that can grow fast to multiple seven-figures and finding out what makes them so successful. They have a simplified business model.

If you want to grow to seven figures fast, I urge you to simplify what you do.

This theme will be explored in greater detail in other parts of this book. However, let me briefly explain the Rule of Five Ones in relation to a seven-figure agency.

* One market. My agency serves plumbing and HVAC contractors. This is our market. Everything changed when I became a specialist in one area of the market instead of a generalist.

* Only one lead generation strategy. There are many ways to get clients. However, it is easier to have one solid lead generation strategy you use on a regular basis.

* One conversion mechanism. There are many ways to sell your client such as live events, webinars and one-on-1 selling. Focus on one thing and you will be a master at it.

* Only one program. Your clients should only be offered one program that delivers the results they desire. You should not offer a variety of programs, such as a website, web hosting, and custom applications. While you could use different versions of the program to meet your specific needs, you shouldn’t be building every single thing you receive.

* One year. Before you add anything, make sure you have enough time to provide excellent service in each area.

While we’ll be returning to those elements in greater detail as we read the book, I wanted to present it to you right now.

Case Study: The Rule of Five Ones

Alan Hillsberg founded his agency in 2007 He worked as an internet marketer for many years. His market would have been any small or medium-sized business that wanted to increase their internet leads. He was once working alongside an attorney, a restaurant and a Med Spa. However, his agency was not making a profit. Although he worked hard, he was not earning the income he needed to support his family.

He was in search of answers and sat down on one of my training webinars. There, he discovered the concept of niche-specificity, charging monthly recurring revenues, and aggressively pursuing clients within that niche. After much thought and deliberation, he decided to focus on funeral homes and created a new division called “Funeral Home Marketing Services”. He was able to transform his business. With a monthly recurring payment starting at $997, he now had a clear goal, strong message and a great program to offer what was unique for this space. He continued to grow the agency to more than $90,000. A monthly recurring fee of $997 was charged. In addition to gaining 5-7 new clients per month, over the next three years. He has a digital marketing agency with a seven figure profit and the financial freedom to enjoy his dream lifestyle.

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