How to find Influencers to Promote Your Business

How to find Influencers to Promote Your Business

Offering tasty bait is key to getting influencers talking about your products. What can you do to create a win-win situation? These are some ways to sweeten the deal.

Send a product for free

How to find Influencers to Promote Your Business
How to find Influencers to Promote Your Business

You can send the influencer a product for free (and cover shipping). Invite them to try a service, such as a haircut, teeth-whitening treatment, restaurant meal or hotel stay. This may work for micro-influencers, especially if they are offering a quality product or service.

You should note that product samples (products you send to influencers but expect them to return them) are less appealing. They are not allowed to keep the product and they have to return it. Give them something that they can keep if possible.

Many products are available for free

Send influencers hampers if your products are lower-priced items like protein bars or health food supplements. If you are ambitious, you can also include other brands in this. A blogger who isn’t a spokesperson for a single brand of protein powder won’t be able to write a post about it.

In your pitch, suggest content ideas

Bloggers and influencers, like editors, are busy. Many smaller influencers work a full-time job that is not related to their blog or social media work. They may not always have the time to think of ways to showcase your products. You can suggest peanut butter recipes if you sell peanut butter. You can suggest to your influencers that you include your product in a gift list for Valentine’s Day or Christmas. The influencer should also be given photos. The more work they do, the more appealing the offer will be.

You can send them a product for free and another one to give to your audience

This is a better deal for both you and the influencer. Giveaways are more engaging than product reviews. You can use contests to increase your social followers and/or site visits with a tool such as Rafflecopter. To maximize the reach and engagement of the giveaway, you might consider giving the influencer a budget.

Create an affiliate link program

You can provide the influencer with links to help them earn a small commission for every sale they make via their links. This tactic is used by many hotel booking websites.

Offer them discount codes to share with their followers

Offer exclusive discounts or other deals to influencers’ followers. Use a unique code for each individual influencer if possible. This allows you to track sales and makes the influencer feel unique.

You can share the post of an influencer on your social media.

If you have a strong social media presence and engagement, you may be able to promise to share the posts of the influencer on your own social accounts. Cross-promotion may be appreciated by the influencer. You can also show the influencer who is testing your products. It doesn’t hurt to have third party validation!

Invite an influencer to an event

You can host an event where influencers can taste your product, visit your restaurant/hotel, and so on. These events are especially useful for large brands and location-based companies that are based in areas with a high concentration of influential influencers (e.g. These are big cities.

Invite them to be part of your influencer community

Invite your influencers via Facebook to join an exclusive community for influencers. This allows you to organize the influencers you work with and allow you to re-engage them at a later time for a new campaign. This is a great way to flatter influencers and make them feel important, instead of an afterthought.

You might offer the influencer a position as a brand ambassador

Ask an influencer to become your brand’s ‘ambassador’. Brand ambassadors are people who have a long-term relationship with a company. In exchange for access to exclusive products and services, they will promote the company on a regular basis. Celebrities can be brand ambassadors and influencers with a larger reach. However, I would recommend working on a smaller scale with influencers before committing to a long-term deal.

How to pitch Influencers Without Feeling Awkward

Be honest about what you are offering and what you would like in return when pitching influencers. Businesses send endless pitches to influencers, often in vague and ill-informed templates that they ignore. So cut the crap. Tell them what you’re offering. Our Ninjas have worked with thousands upon thousands of influencers and bloggers. From personal experience, we know that not being open and honest is not the best way to approach these pitches.

This book focuses on improving your website’s SEO ranking. Influencers are often used by businesses to build brand awareness and social media. If you are trying to improve your rankings, however, you should focus on building backlinks that link to your website. This means that you should look for influencers with blogs that have a high Domain Authority and write in a relevant niche to your business.

If you are pitching influencers, be clear about what you expect from the collaboration. You should get an email confirmation if you wish to have your product reviewed or featured on their blog. Depending on the influencer, you might be able to agree on additional social posts or promotions.