How to use inbound PR requests

How to use inbound PR requests

These strategies can help you get into the most important publications in the world. As long as you are able to present yourself as an expert, you will be able to use them.

Journalists who write articles for large publications, such as Forbes and national newspapers, are very busy. Journalists who write for large publications (magazines like Forbes, national newspapers, etc.) are often very busy. They are often very busy and have strict deadlines. They are often freelance writers, which means they can write for many other publications and cover a wide range of topics. They are under tremendous pressure. These journos have our friendly and helpful marketing team to assist them.

How to use inbound PR requests
As long as you are able to present yourself as an expert, you will be able to use them.

Imagine a journalist approaching a deadline to submit a piece about National Heart Month. They won’t likely have access to any experts in heart health that they can mention in their article. They might use a journalist inquiry service such as (Help a Reporter Out – listen to episode 93 of Exposure Ninja podcast, where I interview Peter Shankman).

These journalist inquiry services allow journalists to send an inquiry to a list of subscribers (that’s you or I), who may be able give them an expert quotation to use in their articles. You will be featured in the article, and you’ll get a link to it from your website. Have you ever seen the fish that live on sharks and eat bugs and other things? This is the kind of relationship you and I can have when we meet journalists from some the most prestigious publications in the world. Although they are the great sharks in this example and we the scum-eating insects, marketers still do what marketers have to do.

How do journalist inquiry services work? First, I will explain the paid options. Then I will explain why you don’t have to do this. I will then explain how to use Twitter instead.

You can choose which categories you would like to receive inquiries in when you sign up for Response Source. Each category has an annual cost and subscriptions get you on the mailing list for all inquiries in that category. After you have subscribed, you will receive emails that look something like this:

You can view the publication (Prima) and the name of the journalist from this inquiry. It will be obvious that she is a freelancer. This means she writes for other publications. If you contribute well, it could result in features in other publications. This could mean more quality links. This deadline is very strict. In fact, if you send an email after the deadline, they will bounce!

Notice how the query also states, “as soon as we can plug websites and contacts …”.”. This means that we will receive a link.

The journalist’s Twitter handle is @fionajourno. Outreach is one of the most valuable uses Twitter has. It’s the network journalists use the most. Follow them, follow their posts, and make sure to contribute whenever you can. We’ll be sharing more information on this shortly.

Let’s take a look at what you should do when you receive a journalist inquiry service that is right for your company. This is a sales activity just like any other. Understanding the prospect is the most important thing. The journalist is under pressure, busy and will soon be bombarded by 200 emails from like-minded people. Send them an email saying “Hi Fiona. I’d love you to contribute.” “Could you tell me more?” will get as many responses as asking Google for ranking.

This person needs to be given everything they need quickly and concisely. Imagine yourself as a gourmet chef who prepares delicious bite-sized meals that everyone will want to try. This is Luke, one of our Ninjas. He’s a content marketing genius and has written a great response to a journalist inquiry. Feel free to copy and distribute as you wish:

Notice how we provide the tip, the bio, and the link that journalists can use, if necessary. Speed was another key. Are these tips approved by our client? Because time is precious and it takes six hours for busy business owners to submit a tip, Fiona may have fifty tips.

This is how it works. This is the link that this strategy has secured for this client:

This is a link to the Mirror, which has a Domain Authority of 91. This visibility can also lead to more opportunities. A BBC researcher was searching online for a health expert who could speak on Victoria Derbyshire’s program about the health consequences of ‘waist trainer Corsets’. They came across an article that we had written on the topic for this client and contacted us to ask if Peter (the customer) was available to join them. He was picked up by the crew and taken to TV centre.

This kind of coverage can be self-perpetuating. You will gain credibility as you are featured in higher-authority places. This can be used in future pitches and open doors to more opportunities.

How to do it all without paying for journalist inquiry services

These are fantastic and can lead to some great links. The good news is that subscriptions don’t have to cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

You can also follow #journorequest or #prrequest on Twitter. Here’s an example.

This tweet could be applicable to every business owner who reads this book. You can quickly Google the tax changes to get your opinion and you are good to go. What are the reasons we might want to contact Lizzy?

Yes, she is, Domain Authority 96, a business reporter at Telegraph.

Another example:

What are the best clothes for entrepreneurs to wear to work? This is something that every business owner could have an opinion about. Alison writes for Forbes so I thought it would be a good idea to send her something:

She sent me an email, and I quickly replied with a quote. Five days later…

It was great! Exposure Ninja was her Twitter handle. Here’s a link to the article that she wrote:

Notice how Branson, Zuck and Jobs share one paragraph while Exposure Ninja and I get three. Plus a Forbes link. This is possible–anyone can achieve it.

These are some quick tips to help you get started on Twitter and search for #journorequests

* Respond quickly. In most cases, you will need to respond within a few hours. Exposure Ninja has Content Marketing Ninjas who spend their time searching online for lucrative opportunities. If you don’t have someone to do this for, you should check in on Twitter at least twice daily. Exposure Ninja ?

* Before you reply, take a look at the name of the journalist if you are busy. Although it doesn’t require a lot of effort to be featured, there are many people who tweet using #journorequest or #prrequest to link to all kinds of garbage websites.

* Provide a journalist with an interesting angle by identifying the most relevant part of your opinion about the topic. If I had tweeted “I wear normal clothes”, would Alison have published my article “dressed up even though working from home”? No. It was something I wanted to do and it piqued her interest.

These hashtags have been used to be featured in many places, including Forbes, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Inc …,, and other websites. It’s a great way for your website to be more authoritative than your competitors if they don’t do this (clue: almost all of them aren’t).