Landing Pages: Convert passive website visitors into leads and clients

You’ve done more than just helping your readers identify their challenges. You don’t want them to be in this space because it’s not comfortable.

You can then extend that life saver to ease their pain and bring them relief by making an appealing offer.

Landing Pages: Convert passive website visitors into leads and clients

You’ve done more than just helping your readers identify their challenges. You don’t want them to be in this space because it’s not comfortable.

You can then extend that life saver to ease their pain and bring them relief by making an appealing offer.

This is where you explain how you can help them achieve their goals and give them the next steps. This is the most important part of your business because this is where people take that first step into it, where they show interest in what you offer. Many people expect visitors to know what next. You must guide them towards the actions you want. This is similar to what we discussed in chapter 1. Know what you want them do.

This is where you ask them to take the next step and establish a relationship with you. This is done by offering an irresistible deal and inviting them to accept it. Also known as CTA (call-to-action) in marketing terminology.

Landing Pages
Landing Pages

Encourage readers to take action

Landing Pages: We’ll now discuss how to create a compelling CTA that your ideal clients will love. This can be used on any web page you create. Without a strong call to action, even the most compelling headlines and website copy can fail if users don’t know where to start.

You have to communicate with them the next steps and position them in a way that will inspire them to take those next steps.

Here are some examples to help you get this done. Most service professionals, such as coaches or virtual assistants, offer free consultations on your homepage.

Although it may have worked in the past, I don’t think that this is a strong CTA. Many people feel that consulting is just another name for high-pressure sales calls. People don’t want the feeling of being forced to buy, buy and buy in sales calls.

With all that said, you sometimes need to have a first phone conversation with potential prospects in order for them to get to know your solutions and connect with them.

Instead of calling your conversation “free consultation”, you can use this opportunity to spark interest in a prospect.

There are two ways to get website visitors to call you

There are two types of relief available if you wish to arrange a telephone consult with prospects.

Technique #1 – Offer a free strategy session

Landing Pages: You can use a free strategy session in any industry regardless of the solutions you offer. In a short 15-minute call, you can invite prospects to a free Skype or phone call. You will guide them on a particular topic and help them solve a specific problem. You can’t give prospects everything they need in such a short time, but you can provide them with some useful tidbits, and then help them choose a path. This should include working with you to find paid solutions. This method has worked well for me with the Get Clients action plan consultation.

Three areas were the most difficult for entrepreneurs to use their marketing effectively to gain clients. This free call would be open to all who sign up. We would discuss their websites and business in detail. They would be given a few solid suggestions on the areas that need improvement and invited to join me for a 90-day group program. This program really delved into these three areas and showed them how to improve them, how they can get better results, what they could tweak, and how to make those changes.

I made sure to give it a name and explained what they could expect. This was something I didn’t do with the vague “free consultation” which can mean many things to different people. I was able fill my appointment schedule with qualified leads.

Although I don’t claim to be a master of sales, I was happy that approximately 50% of those I spoke with enrolled in my program. My success is due to a few factors:

They felt that the phone consultation was extremely valuable and beneficial for them.

They were able to clearly define the next step and pinpoint exactly where they needed it.

Together, we created an action plan for them to achieve their goals via a phone call. This left them feeling optimistic and excited.

As a natural progression of the free consultation, the paid program offered in-depth solutions in three areas that I knew most clients struggle with.

You might consider a free consultation strategy to help your business. Some people are reluctant to give their time, but it could be a good idea for your business. This is especially true if you’re not a skilled salesperson. Although I could write a book on successful free consultations (and I’m sure someone else has), I know that they can be a great way for potential clients to get in touch with them one-on-one and make them feel more comfortable investing their money in your paid solutions.

Free consultations can have many benefits. They can be very effective at getting people to take action. You’re also connecting with people interested in your topic who are motivated to make progress.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that your session must be named in a way that attracts interest, but not giving the impression that it is a free pick your brain consult. This is why I decided to call my session Get Clients Action Plan and not just a Free Marketing Consultation.

Technique #2 – Offer your free consultation as a bonus gift

Landing Pages: You might also consider giving the gift as a freebie (free report or audio/video training etc.). Your offer should be posted on your homepage. Your home page is used to ask people for your gift, and to sign up to your mailing list. Your home page should be focused on the giveaway and what it means for them.

You can give a free excerpt from an e-book, or even a chapter, if you have a product. You might also have a cheat sheet or a checklist that you could give.

The free gift acts as a gatekeeper for your consultation. This means that people will request your gift and you will direct them to a page where they can get a consultation to learn more about the giveaway.

If you offer a free training course on “5 Content Mistakes Most Websites Made”, for example, after people sign up, you can offer them a consultation with a professional (that’s you) in order to determine if their website is making these key mistakes.

This technique is extremely powerful because of a few reasons:

You are building your mailing lists and mining for potential clients by having people sign up to your free gift.

It is possible that most people who visit your website are not ready to talk with you right away. If you offer a free consultation right away, you risk losing dozens, if not hundreds, or even thousands of potential leads. However, they might be ready to talk to you after several weeks, months or years of consistent email marketing contact. (which you can read more about in my How to Create Profitable Newsletters and How to Writing Persuasive Emails books, if necessary).

When you only offer the consultation to those who have signed up for your mailing list, there is an air of exclusivity. It’s almost like they have joined a club, and one of the perks is the opportunity to chat one-on-one.

Your consultation should be presented as a “perk” or “gift”, rather than as a free consultation. This will make the consultation more valuable and less like a sales call.

This technique has the main advantage over the other. You’ll get more people to sign up and your list will grow quickly.

This is a disadvantage because you don’t always get to meet people who are available to work with your immediately. This can be avoided by sending people who sign up to your giveaway to a landing page that offers your free consultation as an incentive to take you up on it.

You might not wish to offer a consultation for free, but that is also perfectly acceptable. My business no longer offers free consultations. I prefer to give other free gifts such as reports, webinar trainings, cheat sheets, etc. I use this email to build my mailing list to which I send out promotional emails about information products as well as other paid offers.

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