Leveraging Webinars

Land Clients

Case Study: Leveraging Webinars

To get clients to you

Jeff Fisher, Local Childcare Services is a great example of how to implement these strategies to land clients. He was a generalist agency when he first joined our program. He was kinda stuck. He struggled to find clients consistently.

He was eager to get involved, he believed in the idea of finding a niche and chose to concentrate on local childcare facilities. He committed to selling monthly, recurring services. He was previously selling $175 per month services. Now, he is selling $1,000 per month.

Jeff didn’t excel in cold outreach. He’s an incredible entrepreneur, leader and excels at operations. He isn’t the type of guy who will bang on the phone.

He realized that the key to his success was learning how to do webinars. He began doing them every month.

He was captivated by the idea that “if I can do one webinar, then I can split it up.” It is possible to do it consistently. We can get clients if we have some good hands.”

It was something he started to do. However, people were not showing up for the webinars he was promoting.

Jeff would probably tell you that he lacks presentation confidence. It’s not something he enjoys to present in front of people. He was determined to do it and he succeeded.

Although people weren’t coming to his live webinar, it forced him into creating the content, recording it, and then syndicating it.

The webinar’s follow-up and the content that was added to cyberspace were what started to bring clients in steady numbers.

Only one client was added to his list immediately. The other clients came in the next 30 to 40 days.

His little rule was that every webinar should count for 30 days in generating leads.

The webinar strategy helped him to land two to three new clients per month.

This is what drove him to more than 100 clients, and ultimately to the point that he was able sell his agency at a huge profit last year.

He is now one of our Seven Figure Agency Success Coaches, and he helps me train other agencies how to implement these strategies to help them move forward.


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