Links from video

Video Links

Videos are another way to quickly get links. You can link to your YouTube channel from your channel page and from the descriptions of each video.

Videos are another way to quickly get links. 
Videos are another way to quickly get links.

It’s a good idea to include links to relevant pages in video descriptions. If people enjoy what they see, they will likely visit your website to learn more.

Use the https:// bit or http:// at the beginning of your link. This is necessary to make the link clickable by YouTube.

You can add links to your videos if you are a member of YouTube’s Partner Program.

YouTube is not the only video upload site. There are many video upload sites available. YouTube may be the most popular, but other sites such as Flickr, Dailymotion and Metacafe will bring in more views and clicks. Other video sites, like Vimeo, Dailymotion and Metacafe, have their own audiences. These sites can offer additional opportunities for you to gain links from videos and descriptions.

Links from video sites will not transform your ranking the same way as great content marketing links, but they are a fast way to get links and well worth the effort.

Are you unable to upload videos? You don’t need videos? allows you to create simple text and picture videos. Animoto videos are often made for clients by us as part of our marketing campaigns. They’re a great way, either to explain something in a compelling way or as a companion to blog posts.