Minimum Viable Funnel (MVF)

Launch Your E5 Campaign as a Minimum Viable Funnel (MVF)

This page will show you how to launch an E5 front-end marketing campaign. This chapter will show you how to launch a front-end campaign using what is called a minimum viable channel or MVF.

Minimum Viable Funnel (MVF)
Minimum Viable Funnel (MVF)

A minimum viable funnel allows you to launch a new campaign without spending a lot of money or time.

Many new coaches, marketers, consultants, experts and professionals make the big mistake of creating a new campaign and then creating the whole campaign.

They will create all follow-up emails and follow-up sequences. They will create all of the follow-up emails, down-sell offers and bump offers. They will create all the products and offer for them. They will create all the pieces before testing the core elements of their campaign.

This is a mistake. Why waste your time creating upsell offers, down-sell offers and customer email sequences before you test the campaign. This is a waste of time. If your main offer isn’t converting well, nobody will ever see the up-sell or down-sell, or the customer email sequence.

We will test the core elements of your campaign before we start creating a full-blown campaign. These are the core elements.

* We would like to see if you have a headline that is compelling, engaging and unique.

* We want the lead to be tested and ensure that it sets the emotional hook.

* We are testing and evaluating the marketing argument and want to test the offer.

The following pages make up a minimum viable funnel.

It should now look familiar. We have a lead capture page. We have a sales page and an order page. Then we have a thank-you page.

We can now test the headline or opt-in page, and the big idea.

With the sales page, we can test and evaluate lead quality and marketing arguments. The offer is also displayed at the bottom of the page as well as on the order form.

It is crucial that these elements can be tested. Without these elements, everything else is meaningless.

In a minimum viable funnel there is no email follow-up. For leads who have provided their contact information to your lead capture page, there is no email follow up.

There is no email follow-up attached to this thank-you page. There are also no upsell opportunities after you submit your order.

To evaluate the idea, headlines, leads, arguments, and offers, we will start with the minimum viable channel.

Another thing I want you to know is that you should test a message, a marketing message and an offer before you create the product.

Let’s suppose you don’t have your product yet. You still need to make a minimum viable funnel in order to test your core elements.

It’s possible, but here are the steps. An order page is still necessary. Your prospects must still enter their information and their payment details. You must still ask them to press the submit button to take them to the thank-you page. However, you don’t want to charge their credit cards.

You also want to inform them that you have not charged the credit card through this thank-you page. You need to submit the order page. This is important because many marketers don’t realize the high abandonment rate of order forms associated with multiple campaigns.

This is something we must consider when evaluating the minimum viable channel.

This campaign can be launched immediately without waiting for your upsells, downsells, and email sequences.

There are two methods to determine the minimum viable funnel.

Cold traffic is best for those who are just starting out in business. You’ll test cold traffic right up to your lead capture page.

Cold traffic is not recommended if you already have a house mailing list or an email list. Start with your house list and send them to the sales page. This will bypass the lead capture page.

If you don’t have any lists, cold traffic is possible.

If you have a list, house traffic is the most important.

We are looking for a 60% return of investment if you start with cold traffic.

This means we are looking for 60c per dollar back from your MVF. This is an MVF. Therefore, we don’t look for a lower than 60% ROI when we test an MVF to cold-traffic.

Earn more than 60 cents per dollar We can improve that campaign as long as we get at least 60 cents per dollar.


This topic is covered in detail on the E5 Coaching program. This book contains details and an invitation to our next class.


Start with your house listing first. The reason you would do this is to avoid any extra capital for cold traffic. Keep in mind that your house list is the first thing you should do. Send directly to the sales page. You want a conversion of 2% or more.

For every 100 people you send, you want to make at least two sales. You can test the minimum viable campaign with cold visitors as long as you achieve a conversion rate of 2% or higher.

You’re now looking for that 60% ROI.

Once we have achieved the 60% ROI, we will turn your campaign into a fully-fledged campaign.

It is possible to test it by using house list 2% conversion. It has a 60% ROI or higher.

This is how to start, test, and evaluate a front-end campaign that you consider a minimum viable funnel.

We’ll walk you through the next section of what to do once your E5 Campaign has been launched.