Optimize your E5 campaign

Optimize your E5 campaign

FDE Benefits: Dial in Your Marketing Message

This page will discuss dialing in your marketing copy. After you have launched your MVF E5 Campaign you will need to dial in your messaging elements at each stage.

Optimize your E5 campaign
Optimize your E5 campaign

Here are some keys to making your copy shine, making it connect with prospects on a deeper level.


Benefits and promises, which tell prospects what it is for them, are the heart and soul all marketing. Let’s focus on “How can you share, demonstrate, and highlight benefits?” The benefits that are available.


There are three types of benefits or FDE Benefits.


Functional benefits: How the product/service enhances people’s lives.



Dimensionalized Benefits – A visual representation of the functional benefit in the prospect’s daily life.



Emotional benefits: What the prospect will feel after receiving the dimensionalized benefit.



Functional benefits are the first level of benefits. In just a few minutes, we’ll show you how to see it in action.


Functional benefits are those that the product or service makes a difference in the prospect’s daily life. A benefit is about the prospect. What does it do for them? Functional benefits are a superficial improvement in the prospect’s quality of life.


A dimensionalized benefit shows the prospect what the functional benefit will look like in their life. We’re simply sharing the functional benefit, or superficial benefit, then we’re dimensionalizing.


It’s becoming three-dimensional. We are painting a picture, telling a story. We are creating an image of the prospect’s life that would include this functional benefit.


Emotional benefits are the third level of benefit.


The prospect’s emotional benefit refers to how they will feel after experiencing the dimensionized benefit.


These three levels must be understood. There are three levels to marketing because marketers know the difference between benefits and features. However, they only focus on functional benefits and go one deep.


The real power lies in the dimensionalized, and emotional benefits. Functional benefit is only possible when the dimensionalized is achieved.


It is what gives the product dimension. It allows prospects to smell, taste, hear, and see it as a real picture.


How it will improve the prospects’ lives. It is more important because it has an emotional benefit. People make buying decisions based on emotion.


They make buying decisions with emotion, and they rationalize their decisions later. These are the two main benefits of sharing marketing benefits.


Let’s look at an example to see how functional, dimensionalized and emotionally played out are different.


*Feature: A Free Massage Therapy Session


* Functional Benefit: You can enjoy a relaxing hour.


* Dimensionalized benefit: You’ll feel deep muscle warmth and loosening as soon as you stand up after your massage.


* Emotional benefit: You’ll be proud to do something positive and healthy for yourself. This is what you deserve, right?



Let’s look at a feature. Let’s suppose you own a hotel. You offer a complimentary massage therapy session as part of your package.


It could be described as “So you can have a soothing hour or relaxation and rejuvenation.”


This is why it’s a benefit. Because it’s all about you, the prospect, this is a benefit.


We’re painting this picture to show the dimensionalized benefit. “From the moment you sit up after your massage you’ll feel a deep feeling of muscle warmth, and loosening.”


As if they are experiencing it, we talk to them. This is how they will experience it.


Then we give them the emotional benefit. How will they feel after this dimensionized experience? “And you will feel proud for doing something positive and healthy for yourself. This is something you are entitled to, right?


This is how it looks when you combine the whole thing:


You get a massage from a professional massage therapist for free. This will ensure you are able to relax and feel rejuvenated for an hour. You’ll feel a deep feeling of muscle warmth and relaxation as soon as you get up from your massage.


This is an example FDE Benefits chunk. We are giving the feature. We are giving the feature’s advantage, the advantage, then the payoff, or the benefit. Then we go through and dimensionize it.


It’s quite powerful, right?