Sales funnels

Sales funnels: The Unspoken Truth

Entrepreneurs who are successful

Entrepreneurs who are successful know that it is nearly impossible to grow and sustain a business without constant new customers.

How can you convince a prospect to purchase your product or service, and then become a client or customer? It’s not possible theoretically. It doesn’t matter what kind of funnel you have or which webpages they are on. What can you say in your marketing campaign that will convince a prospect to buy from you? Not just one prospect. Prospects who’ve never heard of you.

How can you get these people to buy your product or service and pay you for it? You don’t have to be aggressive or sales-y.

You’ve probably heard that you need a sales funnel.

Sales funnels
Entrepreneurs who are successful – Sales funnels

This is true, but things have changed. A funnel is not enough anymore. Today, a funnel is a common tool for marketing. A funnel is a tool that almost every entrepreneur uses to market their products and services. Chances are your competitors have one too.

A funnel is not enough to give you an advantage in the market. A funnel does not guarantee that your marketing stands out, attracts attention, and converts visitors into buyers.

It’s easier than ever to create a funnel online. This topic is covered in more YouTube videos and training courses than ever before. Software like ClickFunnels and Kartra, LeadPages and SamCart make it easy to create funnel pages.

Despite all these benefits, why do we see 8/10 of online entrepreneurs failing to generate consistent client sales?

Here’s Russell Brunson, my friend and founder of ClickFunnels explains it.

“We are getting really good at creating funnels. “When I look at many funnels, I feel that what is missing is the ability to sell and do it in an engaging way that inspires people to follow you.” Russell Brunson

Source: Funnel Hacking Live

Russell is right.

The truth is that most marketers and entrepreneurs today are familiar with the basics of setting up a funnel. They also know the purpose and how to structure each page. However, they lack a proven method for creating a marketing message within the funnel. This will educate, deliver value and ultimately generate sales.

What about you? Do you think you can honestly say that you have a reliable, predictable, and repeatable process for marketing your message to new clients?

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know what to do. If you aren’t sure, take action and read this book.

It is easy for anyone to create and publish funnels and web pages. It’s more difficult than ever for average entrepreneurs to generate consistent sales in all markets using the same marketing approach.

There is more competition than ever. In most markets, there are more funnels than ever before. Most of the funnels that your prospects see are filled with exaggerated claims, promises, and hype, which makes your prospects skeptical about online marketing claims.

The E5 Method is an ideal time and place to use it. It turns marketing on its head. It uses education instead of hype. It presents a compelling marketing concept, rather than a louder promise. It is not a hyped-up sales pitch, but demonstrates unique positioning and provides proof. It creates the desire for buyers, rather than relying solely on hardcore sales pitches. Instead of making your prospects feel sick, it builds trust and long-term relationships.

Entrepreneurs who use the E5 Method to grow large businesses and generate new clients are rapidly becoming the most successful online entrepreneurs.

Tim Donovan was one example of someone who applied the E5 Method to multi-level marketing and earned $3.5 million in eight months.

John Rood was the first to use the E5 Method for launching a new business in software development. He generated more than $42,000 with only 232 registrants.

Todd Herman used the E5 Method for his 90-Day Year coaching program. He generated more than $2.4 million in sales and brought in over $800,000. in just 20 hours.

This is the same way I used to launch and grow five successful businesses that have generated tens of thousands in personal sales.

The E5 Method is the reason. Don’t be intimidated by these sales figures, either from me or my students and clients.

It’s not how it started for me.

I don’t believe I could have started with more disabilities or been faced with more obstacles.

I Will Always Remember It As It Was Yesterday

Growing up in Central New Jersey in a middle-class family and having a fairly average childhood, I was fortunate to have had a good childhood. My father was born in Bronx, and he worked in New York City’s garment center. My mom was a receptionist at a local eye surgeon.

I was diagnosed with learning disabilities in middle school. I struggled through high school. When I applied for college, every school turned me down.

I ended up attending a community college. After three years of studying for a two-year degree in nutrition, I was finally admitted to Montclair State University.

After graduating with this degree, I found a job at a local health club for $8 an hour.

Kellie, my amazing wife, was also there when I met her. We had two beautiful daughters in the following two years: Gabriella and Samantha, who were born 17 months apart.

With a wife and two young children at home, I realized quickly that I had to do something differently if I was going to be able to provide the best for them.

Although I always longed to own my own business, I was unsure if it was possible. Perhaps you have felt that feeling too.

It was a family tragedy which finally forced me out of my comfort zone.

Kellie’s dad was diagnosed with terminal Emphysema. In just weeks, his health was almost gone.

My heart would sink every time my phone rang, knowing it was the call about my husband’s passing.

Finally, on Saturday morning, Kellie was walking and I received the call.

It wasn’t Kellie’s father, it was her mom. Her mom had died from a heart attack. Even though Kellie moved Kellie’s dad to us to take care of him, he died eight months later.

It was heartbreaking to see my wife Kellie suffering so much. It was then that I realized life is too short to not try to do more.

That moment made me realize that I wanted more time with my girls so I could see them grow. I knew that I wanted to be in a position to give Kellie the things she deserves. And I knew that I wanted freedom and autonomy to live my life to the fullest.

I felt unprepared, but knew it was time to start my business. With Kellie’s support, I reluctantly jumped into the world online marketing.

With little technical knowledge, no network, no following and no connections, I started to sell information products online to massage therapists.

After a friend helped me set it up, I still remember it as if it were yesterday. I kept hitting refresh in my inbox to check for sales notifications and didn’t see any. I was curious if there was something wrong. Or it was not properly set up.

By the end of my first full year, I had sold seven products.

I was unsure if I could ever make this internet marketing thing succeed. What would I do if that didn’t work? What if I was to stay at the gym forever?

These marketers make tens of thousands of dollar selling online, and I was intrigued to know how they do it.

At that moment, money was what I thought starting my own business meant to me. I was curious what they were doing that I wasn’t. What are they able to know that I do not? Possibly you have also asked these questions.

So I started to study the strategies of successful marketers and entrepreneurs. They were my models.

Then, things began to happen. It started slowly at first. However, sales began to increase.

In the next year, I earned just over $52,000. It was a life-changing experience for Kellie, and I, to earn a thousand dollars per week.

Kellie encouraged me to quit my job at the gym so that we could move our girls to Florida, closer to my parents’ home. We did just that.

It was amazing at first. It was a great feeling to be able to work from home and make enough money to pay our bills. I felt for the first time that I could become a successful entrepreneur. It was all good.

However, my business began to decline just a few months later.

Internet marketing became more popular as more companies started selling online. It was becoming more difficult to get my marketing noticed.

As traffic costs rose, it became more costly for me to attract website visitors. My sales conversions began to decline almost every week.

I tried to write better copy. I even tried a very low-priced deal. I tried many different marketing funnel designs. I could not turn the tide no matter what I tried.

I knew that I didn’t want any sleazy business, and I was horrible at aggressively selling products. I didn’t know what to do. I was overwhelmed.

Rich Schefren, my friend, introduced me to Mark Ford, a man who has changed everything.

Mark has been a partner in more than a dozen businesses, including two that hit $50 million per year and Agora that is generating over a million dollars per year. Mark taught me that having a sales message across multiple websites is not enough. The secret to getting lots of customers, day-in, day-out, and in a unique way is to have a marketing message that doesn’t try to sell.

Instead, it educates prospects about a better way to get the results they desire. Then, I give them the chance to try my product in a new way.

He taught me the pieces of this message and how to combine it with a Big Marketing Idea. This would get me attention, generate leads and create a buying frenzy. Without resorting to hype or other typical sales tactics.

Everything changed when he showed it to me — this is what I’m going show you in this book. My life was forever changed by that moment.

My business nearly immediately took off and turned around. Sales started climbing. I started to get dozens of new customers and clients every day within a matter of weeks.

Soon, I was seeing regular six- and five-figure days. Every week, I received a few emails from marketers wishing to join my venture. I started receiving invitations to speak at live events and on podcasts.

Finally, I began to share the method Mark had taught me — now known as the E5 Method.

This brings us to the present and you.