the Difference Between Features and Benefits

Understanding the Difference Between Features and Benefits

This page will discuss the differences between benefits and features.

the Difference Between Features and Benefits
the Difference Between Features and Benefits

This is a key lesson. Effective marketing focuses on the benefits and not the features.


You need to know the difference so you can target your marketing efforts around benefits.


People invest in products or services not for their features but because they will get what those things will provide them.


People buy products and services to transform their lives. We are not referring to the product, but the prospect’s experience with the product.


Let’s take a look at the differences between features and benefits.


A feature is simply an aspect of the product or service. If you are referring to the product or the service, it is an aspect of that product or services. A feature is simply a fact about that product service.


Benefit is the benefit of a feature to your prospect’s life. It is what that feature, that element or that aspect of your product does for them. The product or service is the feature. Benefits refer to the prospect.


Let’s take a look at some examples to see the differences between benefits and features.


Let’s consider a printer and look at one feature. One feature that the printer has is its ability to print 50 pages per minute.


This is a feature, it prints. It’s a printer. Now, we’ll be talking about the printer. We’ll discuss what it does and how it works.


A benefit is how does 50 pages per hour translate to prospects? How will this change their lives?


This could lead to a reduction in the time it takes for you documents to be printed.


You can see how the feature, which prints 50 pages per hour, is all about the printer. When we speak of the benefit, we are referring to you. You’ll spend less time. This is how 50 pages per minute can change someone’s life.


Let’s take a look at another feature. The ink cartridge can last for three years.


This is a fact about the printer.


This could mean that you will spend less on ink and spend less time at Office Depot.


Ink cartridges last for three years.


You’ll save time and money at Office Depot.


It’s easy to see that the prospect cares more about the 50 pages per second in this instance because it will take them less time getting their documents printed.


They will spend less time in front of the printer. They will care more about the cartridge’s durability for three years.


Let’s take a look at another example.


Let’s get to the gym.


One of the highlights of this gym is the presence of over 300 treadmills.


This is yet another fact about the gym.


Let’s now look at the benefits. You won’t have to wait to use the treadmill so you can get in and out of the gym faster.


Those 300 treadmills can change the prospects’ lives.


A bonus feature is the personal training that you receive as a member.


This is yet another fact about the fitness center.


This is a great benefit because you won’t have to worry about whether your exercise routine is correct. You have the guidance and direction you need to achieve amazing results.


Again, you can see that prospect cares about the fact that personal training is provided for free.


They care because they know that their actions don’t make them look bad. That they can receive the guidance, feedback, and direction that they need to get the results they desire, such as the weight loss or building muscle, they are able to get it.


They don’t care about the 300 treadmills. This is not because they want to join a gym with that many treadmills. It’s because it means that they won’t have to wait around for one to arrive. Instead, they can get in and start their workout.


Let’s now look at another example.


Let’s take a look at a dentist. Let’s assume that the dentist can do cavity repairs without drilling.


It is a known fact that dentists do what they do.


Prospective patients will benefit from the fact that they won’t feel any pain or discomfort, and will leave with zero cavities.


Prospects will be interested in drill-less cavity repairs because it is less painful and less uncomfortable. They’ll still be able to leave with zero cavities.


A KidZone, which is an arcade or area where children can play games while they wait for their appointment, might also be an option.


The advantage for the prospective patient and the parent is that the kids will enjoy coming to the office. This means you don’t have to fight with your children to get to their appointments.


They won’t be fighting with you at the appointment. This is why parents care about the KidZone at the dentist’s office. It’s not that they want a dentist with an arcade waiting for them, but rather because it means their children will enjoy going to the office.


They won’t have fight with them. They won’t be able to argue with them. They won’t need to manipulate their will to get them to attend their appointment.


This is crucial. It is crucial.


It is important to know the difference and be able to articulate the benefits when giving information about the product.


Why? Why? Because people invest in products and services to get the benefits. These words are one of the best ways to convert features into benefits.


That means that you can repair your cavity without drilling.


This means that the printer can print 50 pages per minute.


This means that the gym has 300 treadmills.


You are translating facts about the product into the most meaningful information for the prospect. This is how the feature will change their lives, how it will improve their lives and, ultimately, how it will give them the outcome and result they desire.