The Eight Primary Lead Types

The Eight Primary Lead Types

This page will cover the eight main lead types.

You now know that your next step is your lead.

Eight Primary Lead Types
Eight Primary Lead Types

The lead is the first 350-800 words of your campaign. Its purpose is to create an emotional hook.


There are eight types of leads. The type of lead you choose will depend on who you’re targeting and what segment of Prospect Awareness Pyramid you are targeting.


You may recall that when I first spoke about the Prospect Awareness Pyramid, I said:


“The more you target people higher, the more targeted your marketing message will be and the easier it is to promote the offer.


Rather, the closer you are to the unaware segment, and the less direct your message, the better.


You are a direct or indirect lead type, so the different types of leads are closely related. The Offer Lead is, by far, the most direct of the eight lead types.


The Offer Lead is most direct and is suitable for most people. However, because it’s direct the Offer Lead can be dangerous for those who aren’t aware.


You will see that the lead types become more specific and appropriate for higher levels of awareness as you move higher up.


Let’s take a look at each type of lead, and I’ll give you some examples.


These are the eight main lead types


Offer Lead



Invitation Lead



Promise Lead (Big, Credible)



Problem Solution Lead (Dominant Emotion).



Secret System Lead



Intrigue Lead



Proclamation/Prediction Lead



Story is the best way to tell a story



We call it the Offer Lead.


There is an invitation lead. There is a Promise Lead. This is a bold, credible, and big promise.


This is what we have been discussing up until this point in the book.


The Problem-Solution Leader is where you start with the primary problem and then move on to the secondary problem. Finally, you introduce the solution. This is how you leverage the primary emotion that is tied to the problem.


We call this a Secret System Lead. There’s an Intrigue Lead, Proclamation/Prediction Lead, and a Story Lead.


You’re the Secret System Lead. You’re introducing a unique system, a unique approach, a unique framework, a unique method, a unique process, a unique way of getting a result.


You are merely introducing curiosity to the Intrigue Lead. You are saying something interesting.


It’s an interesting question. You are making an interesting claim.


Because it is leveraging curiosity, you are leading with something that is simply very intriguing.


The Proclamation Lead and the Prediction Lead are available. It is a prediction of something about what’s coming up, something that will impact your prospect.


A Proclamation Lead, or statement, is a bold, bold, and audacious statement that identifies facts. It could also be of interest to another prospect.


Next, we have the Story Lead. This is exactly what it sounds like. It is a pure narrative. This is, as we have said, more indirect.


Let me now show you some examples of each lead type so that you can see the differences.


The Offer Lead is the first type of lead.


This is leading. No pun intended. It is starting with an offer.


“In the next six months, you will only receive five months of our best advice letter. It is the safest way I know of to potentially make 10,000 into 750,000.


Although there is still the promise of a outcome, or benefit, it is leading with an offer.


Then we’ve got an Invitation Lead.


This invitation is to participate in an event, club, webinar, virtual summit, or other type of activity.


Even the invitation word is used in the eyebrow. This is the part of the copy that follows the main headline.


“Your invitation for the S&A Retirement Protection Conference. How to legally protect your retirement account against the 2011 estate tax.


We have the Promise Lead.


It’s all about the result, the promise.


You can sleep your way to new hips, knees, and knuckles. A breakthrough in molecular biology has allowed you to have deep sleep every night and wake up feeling like new joints every day. This will allow you to live a life filled with joy, energy, zest, passion, and joy. It’s more than a promise. It’s a guarantee.


Take a look at the many benefits packed into one area. It’s quite interesting. It’s unusual because it’s about “Get brand new hips, knees, and knuckles,” but also how to sleep your way there. It promises a huge payoff.


We now have a Problem-Solution Leader.


It starts with a problem. They are addressing the problem by removing the eyebrow. “An aging prostate is often blamed for peeing problems. What if your prostate isn’t the problem?


This means that you start with the problem and then find a solution. But what if your prostate isn’t the problem? The world-famous doctor explains the three reasons you have lost pressure in your firehose and the triple action solution.


They are talking about the problem. The solution is then presented. It is a triple action solution that can help you get it back in as little as 2 weeks. You can now “reclaim your supercharged” and benefit, benefit and benefit. You can find more.


We have the Secret System Lead.


This refers to a secret method, process, framework or approach.


“The Prime System is now available after seven years of development.”


What is it used for?


It’s the only way you can increase your market returns by 300-600% and reduce your risk by half.


It is introducing the Secret System. This Secret System is what you need to know. It is a secret. They have to continue reading to discover the secret. They’re introduced to a new system, which is why they are intrigued and compelling. It also generates readership.


We have the pure Intrigue Lead.



In some cases, this intrigue lead reminds of clickbait. “CDC issues an urgent warning to Americans over 55. These three household items could be making you sick.


This is pure curiosity and pure intrigue. This is a way to open up the prospect’s minds and make them want more. This video is for anyone who suffers from fatigue, brain fog or joint pain. This video will get you thinking: What are these three household essentials? Are they mine? Are they responsible for my feelings? It’s pretty compelling.


We have the Proclamation Lead.


This proclamation is a bold, bold, and audacious declaration of something that will have an impact on the prospect.


“The Armageddon event of this year. This is the most severe crisis in 40 years. They’re giving credibility. “The financial crisis worse than 2008 is here. It’s called the Income Exodus. It will strike on August 1st. You could lose 50% of your retirement income and suffer devastating losses in your most secure investments. Here’s how I survived it and thrived. This is a Prediction & Proclamation Lead. You can see why it’s so appealing to people who are interested in retirement savings.


The Story Lead is then the most indirect lead.


It just says “Here’s what I did to lose everything and everyone. Then, by accident, I discovered the natural 100% tinnitus cure the entire world has been waiting for.”


Sometimes stories go so far as to not even mention the solution. You might see Story Leads with very indirect messages that read, “Here’s what I did to lose everything and everyone.”


It would then say, “Hi, I’m Charlie. This is a true story.” Through this journey, I discovered This Story Lead is somewhat indirect but it’s bordering to getting more direct as it talks about Tinnitus and a proven method.


Most Story Leads who are most successful and effective are often blind. This means that you won’t understand the story until you read it. However, the story is compelling enough to grab attention and engage with the market.


This is a way to start with a story that draws our listeners, viewers, and readers into the story. Once we have their attention, we can present our marketing argument and eventually the offer.



A Quick Review of Everything So Far

Let’s recap: With the E5 Method you can create a marketing campaign that stands apart and grabs your prospects’ attention.


Your marketing message educates prospects about a new way to get the results they want. It’s your unique method.


Prospects are given a new level in hope and excitement.


You have a message to convey that your unique product or service is the best.


Once you have your campaign designed, you can move on to the Evaluation Stage of the E5 Method.


This is where your campaign will be launched to the market with what’s known as a minimum viable funnel.


There is a fast and easy way to roll out your marketing campaign.


The E5 Method will give you simple marketing metrics that will tell you how profitable your campaign is. These numbers will also help you decide when to scale your traffic to more customers and when to make adjustments.


You aren’t operating in the dark, making assumptions or guessing about your marketing. Instead, you have a clear understanding of how your campaign performed so that you can be confident in knowing that you won’t risk or waste any money when it comes time to increase traffic.


This stage will allow you to generate new customer sales. This is the stage where you can maximize the amount of money you make from every customer transaction. It’s the Enhancing Stage.


This stage is where conversions at each step of your E5 campaign are boosted with three simple enhancement sequences. You get more leads and sales for every sale.


You will first add an add-on-offer to your campaign. This increases the value of each new customer you get. This sequence isn’t like the obnoxious upsells most marketers are used to.


The second enhancement sequence will be added. This is called an offer sequence. It increases your sales conversion rate by increasing the conversion window for each prospect.


The third enhancement sequence is called a BTF sequence. This increases prospects’ engagement as they go through your campaign. It also boosts the number of customer sales that your campaign is generating every day.


These three enhancement sequences are now ready to move on to the Expanding Stage of the E5 Method.


This is where you will use the simple 4-step B.A.C.O. system. For increasing your campaign traffic, lead flow and customer acquisition.


Armed with the numbers from the Evaluation Stage you will know exactly when and how to leverage new audiences and traffic channels to increase your sales.


You can also use the E5 Method to find out where your competitors get their traffic, leads and sales during this stage. This stage will reveal your competitors’ top traffic sources and their most successful ads. Your competitors’ best-performing campaigns, best-performing offers, as well as their affiliates, joint venture partners, are all shown.


You can then tap into the existing strengths of your competitors to help you grow your business faster.


Finally, at the end, you will be able to quickly increase your business profits through stacking a backend deal for all new customers.


I don’t know if you do, but that’s why the E5 Method produces such amazing business and income growth for many coaches, consultants and course creators as well as experts and marketers.


The E5 Method is an excellent blueprint for new and aspiring customers.


People who have failed to succeed with other marketing strategies. The E5 Method is a solution that fills the gap left by most marketers. It creates demand and converts through a marketing message.


The E5 Method can be scaled for those who are ready. It is education-based so it’s easy to convert cold traffic into sales and customers.


This method has the potential to transform average marketers into multi-million-dollar producers.


Tim Donovan was one example of someone who used the E5 Method to generate $3.5 million in eight months.


Eddie Coleman also used the E5 Method for his new info-products company. He generated more than $1.5 million within the first 12 months. The E5 Method now generates an average of $333,000 per month.


Aaqib Ahmed started a coaching business, and he made just over $1million in his first eleven months. Today, the E5 Method is generating over $10,000 per day.


Visit to find out if your story is next.


The next chapter will walk you through how to launch your E5 campaign so that you can evaluate every component without wasting your time.