The Logo Effect

 Recognizable logos impress. If you see a logo from Google or your town’s most popular chamber of commerce on a website, as if by magic, you suddenly think the company is more legitimate. Why is this?

The Logo Effect: The power of affiliations and partnerships


Recognizable logos impress. If you see a logo from Google or your town’s most popular chamber of commerce on a website, as if by magic, you suddenly think the company is more legitimate. Why is this?

affiliations and partnerships
affiliations and partnerships

Well, it all has to do with the psychological power of logos.


  The Logo Effect

Logos are mentioned in many sections of this book—including the previous chapter and later in the Influencer section—and they warrant a special discussion on their ability to influence decisions.


Logos are so powerful, in fact, that they give your website a quadruple-whammy injection of credibility.


  1. Credibility by Association

A well-known logo creates Credibility by Association. For example, if you’re partnered with Google, Microsoft or another internet juggernaut, their logos on your website instantly elevate the authority of your brand as some of their credibility transfers to you.


Microsoft and Google are two of the most successful companies in the world. If a business is associated with them, that company must be good, right? That’s the thought running through your prospects’ heads when they come across your unfamiliar site decked out with impressive logos. And this doesn’t just apply to name brands, either.


If you partner with a major supplier in your city or state (one your prospects have likely heard of), that also provides a big credibility boost. Any logo from a familiar group, association, business network or chamber can have the same impact in your prospects’ minds: they all provide Credibility by Association. What’s more, if the prospect belongs to one of these networks or associations, there’s a greater chance they’ll become a customer. You’ve made an instant warm connection.


  2. Familiar logos create a warm connection

Yes, it’s just like we discussed in the previous chapter. When prospects see a recognizable logo on their initial website visit, it immediately gives them a sense of familiarity. While they might have never heard of your business, they have certainly heard of Google and (if they’re active in your business community) probably the popular chamber of commerce, too. The recognizable logos instantly transform an unfamiliar business into one associated with organizations they know. They create a warm connection.


  3. A sexy logo also attracts success

Even if a prospect doesn’t recognize a logo on your website, it can still have powerful persuasive effects. The truth is, not all businesses get a logo, let alone one that’s unique and memorable. And a logo’s appearance reflects the quality of a business’s services or products.


As mentioned when talking about the power of video content, Success Attracts Success. If a business has a quality, sexy logo that looks expensive, unique and memorable, prospects think, “This business must be somewhat successful. Maybe they can make me successful too?”


Add other unique, shiny and expensive-looking logos into your website’s mix, and you’ve just gained a boost of credibility from associating with other apparently successful companies, even if the prospect has never heard of them.


  4. A vote of confidence in your business

Lastly, a logo from another company, whether or not the prospect knows them, is much like a testimonial from that business. It’s like a vote of confidence, a stamp of approval that shows website visitors you’ve been validated in some way by those companies. It’s social proof. And the more social proof you have, the more credible you’ll appear.


  How affiliations and partners look on a website

Here’s a quick example.


Logo Effect
Logo Effect

These affiliations and partners can be listed on one of a few pages: your homepage, About page, or an Affiliations or Partners page. Always include the logos on your homepage, because it gets the most traffic. The other pages don’t matter as much, but if you have many affiliations, then you may also want to add them to a separate Partners page. Note that charity logos (which we discussed in the previous chapter) can also be added to your website in a similar way.