Landing Pages: Unlock a World of Possibility

Prospects want to know how your product/service/solution will benefit them. What is the impact it will have on their lives? What problem(s), if any, is it going to fix? What kind of transformation will it bring to their lives?

Unlock a World of Possibility

This phase will show you how life might look if the pain is gone (with your solutions). After reminding them of the pain, you want them to see the possibilities once they have gotten rid of those issues.

What’s in it For Me?


Bottom line: Prospects want to know how your product/service/solution will benefit them. What is the impact it will have on their lives? What problem(s), if any, is it going to fix? What kind of transformation will it bring to their lives?

You should be able to think of at least three ways your product/service/solution can improve people’s lives. These will help you create what I call “possibility sentences” to get people excited about your product/service/solution.

You may only have one or two of these that are obvious to you (ie. You may have heard that “the pain in the lower back will go away” but you want to look deeper to see how life will be like once it is gone. “You will be able to do [activities/hobbies/necessary jobs] that were impossible due to your severe back pain…”. Or, in the case with the shopping cart example, “You can sell products while you sleep and earn great money as well as serving 100s or 1000s of people more than your one-on-1 time permits…” You can find out more.

These potential statements can be a great way to get website visitors excited about your products. Before we dive into writing these possibility statements, you may be struggling to find the top 3-5 ways that your product/service/solution will improve people’s lives. Let’s dive into the key task of identifying the top benefits for your business.

Three Steps to Find the Best Benefits for Your Business

We’re referring to the benefits and how you highlight them on your homepage to grab readers’ attention.

Here’s a quick assignment that will help you focus on your business-boosting benefits.

Step 1: Divide vertically a sheet paper into two columns.

Step 2: Make a list in the left column of the top 3 products/services that you offer or the ways you can help people. Leave at least a few lines between each option.


1. Personal weight loss coaching

2) Diet plans that help people eat better

3) Exercise plans that help people exercise more

Step 3: Write down in the right column the potential impact these services could have on the lives of your prospects or clients. For examples, see the table (and continue on the next page).



Coaching for overall weight loss

* They will fit better into their clothes* They look great!* Stop obsessing over the fit of your clothes* Feel better* You will feel more attractive to the other sex* Increase confidence* Increase self-esteem

People can eat healthier with diet plans

* Get better sleep* Get more energy and avoid sugary foods that can slow down your body.* Avoid paying extra for boxes at the grocery store



People can eat healthier with diet plans

* Live longer* Lower chance of developing diabetes

To help people exercise more, there are exercises plans

* A toned, lean appearance* Do not get winded while climbing stairs or doing other activities* Spend more time with their grandchildren/children* Can keep up the pace of the children * Spends more quality time with the family* Get more active* Get up earlier, have more energy, and can stay awake later

Keep jotting down the benefits until you run out of ideas. You will find that more is better in this brainstorming session. Don’t be afraid to add more. It doesn’t matter if the idea seems trivial or insignificant, you should write it down. You can always add it to your list later. It’s important to write down all of your thoughts at this stage.

Side note: This process works best when done with pen and paper, rather than using Word. Studies have shown that longhand writing can be more effective in focusing and unleashing creativity than typing on a computer.

After your brainstorming session is over, narrow down your ideas to the top 3-5 benefits.

You will need to summarize each benefit in a succinct statement. (Hint: This is a great spot to include power words!) You can find it here.

These benefit statements will be combined into a bulleted listing on your homepage. Take this example:

“I help men & women just like you:

Use the power of your mind, such tried-and-true relaxation methods like yoga and meditation, as well as simple stress management techniques, to calm anxiety and relieve stress

You can feel and look your best by creating wellness programs that will help you lose weight.

Feel more confident in yourself and your life

Boost your energy so that you don’t miss out on the joy of living and can live it.

All the pieces are in place:

1. To identify the most beneficial aspects of your business/product/service, complete the brainstorming exercise.

2. 2. Choose the top 3 benefits that you would like to highlight on your homepage.

3. For the bulleted “What’s Possible” list, combine each benefit into one concise sentence.