Video’s inherent credibility power

   Video is hot right now. While you probably already know that, here are a few stats from Forbes: 

Success Attracts Success:

Video’s inherent credibility power

Video is hot right now.


Video is hot right now. While you probably already know that, here are a few stats from Forbes:


  •       Video can increase a landing page’s conversion rate by 80%
  •       Businesses that use video get 41% more search traffic than businesses without video content
  •       64% of people are more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video about it


Yes, video is here to stay. In fact, with YouTube having become the second biggest search engine (after Google), you could even say video is the future.


When it comes to credibility, what is it that makes video so special? How does it prove you’re an expert? You could say that credibility is baked into video’s very nature.


  The one way (almost*) all videos skyrocket your credibility

Videos have the appearance of being expensive, even though some can be produced for less than $1,000. For that reason, there’s one way nearly all videos elevate your credibility—they show prospects your business has money. And only successful businesses have money, right?


If you have a video, you subtly signal to visitors you’ve already reached some level of success. Prospects want to work with successful businesses because you can produce some success for them—Success Attracts Success.


But wait a second. What about the asterisk next to “almost”? How can a video not reveal your success?


All videos provide a huge boost in credibility, unless of course the video is of poor quality. If it looks like it was produced by amateurs—with a grainy picture, poor lighting, sloppy editing—you’ll damage your credibility instantly. So be sure to hire professionals.


  2 credibility-enhancing video styles

From tutorials to webinars and presentations, there are many types of video you can create. There are, however, two particular styles that work well for websites.


  Explainer videos

The first style, which is becoming increasingly common on websites, is an explainer video. This is your typical animated video that explains one of your services, products or the value your business offers.


Why choose this video: Explainer videos offer a fun, friendly way to introduce your product or brand to customers. What’s more, they’re great to simplify and sell complex products or services. They can be added to your homepage, a landing page or a specific product or service page.


  Staff, office and company video

To maximize your website’s credibility, create a video that features you, your staff and/or your office. A video with all three is best. Unlike an explainer video, this type of video is live-action. I recommend hiring a professional to shoot it.


Why choose this video: One of the most difficult things to do online is prove you’re a real business, run by real people, offering real solutions. When you feature yourself, employees and office, you instantly show you’re legitimate. The more visual aspects of your business featured, the more credibility you gain. So if you can show your big offices and high-end equipment, you’ll increase your credibility and the likelihood a prospect becomes a customer.


If you do have the budget to produce a quality video, then either an animated explainer video or a live-action video of you and your business are effective. However, if your sole aim is to boost credibility, a staff, office and company video is the best choice. As long as you have a decent office and several staff members, this type of video will go a long way toward proving you’re a legitimate, credible business with money.