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Actual communicate: this internet stuff can get complicated. And it’s actually essential that all of us know the way it really works, so we will be able to be as knowledgeable and empowered as conceivable. Let’s get started via breaking down the diversities between the web, browsers, engines like google and internet sites. Loads of us get those 4 issues puzzled with each and every different and use them interchangeably, regardless that they’re other. On this case, the outdated “information superhighway” analogy is useful.

Let’s get started via breaking down the diversities between web, seek engine, and browser. Loads of us get those 3 issues puzzled with each and every different.

On this case, the outdated “web superhighway” analogy is useful.

The web

The web is the superhighway’s device of roads, bridges and tunnels. It’s the technical community and infrastructure that attach all of the computer systems and units which can be on-line in combination internationally. Being attached to the web approach units, and whoever is the use of them, can keep up a correspondence with each and every different and proportion knowledge.


The browser is the auto that will get you far and wide. You sort a vacation spot into the cope with bar and zoooom: your browser takes you any place on the net. Firefox is a browser — one constructed in particular for other people, now not benefit.

Seek engines

Engines like google like Yahoo, Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo are the compass and the map. You inform a seek engine an concept of the place you wish to have to move via typing your seek phrases, and it offers you some conceivable locations. Engines like google are web pages, and they are able to even be apps. Extra on apps later.

Internet sites and the internet

Successfully, you force alongside the web freeway, preventing at no matter cities, retail outlets and roadside points of interest catch your fancy, aka web pages. Internet sites are the particular locations you consult with right through the web. That is the content material — the webpages, web pages, paperwork, social media, information, movies, photographs and so forth that you simply view and revel in by way of the web. The “internet” (which is brief for “around the world internet”, therefore “www”) is the number of these kind of web pages.


Any program that you simply obtain and set up for your software is an app. Browsers are apps. Some web pages — like Fb, YouTube, Spotify and The New York Occasions, as an example — double up as apps, so that you get the similar or identical content material at the app as you could possibly at the corresponding website online. 

The important thing factor to keep in mind about apps, particularly social media apps, is that whilst they’re accessed by way of a connection to the web (the infrastructure), content material on them does now not constitute the total internet. It’s only a slice. As well as, now not the whole thing revealed in an app is essentially publicly obtainable on the internet. 
The internet is the most important device platform ever, a super equalizer that works on any software, any place. Through design, the internet is open for any person to take part in. Learn extra about Mozilla’s mission to stay the web open and obtainable to all.

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