What Is The E5 Method?

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What Is The E5 Method?

What, specifically, is the E5 Method, and how does it work?


Well, the E5 Method is a multi-stage process broken down into the following five steps: Examine, Engineer, Evaluate, Enhance, and Expand…


All of which lead to the launch of a unique customer and client-generating marketing campaign.

E5 Method
E5 Method

I say unique because it’s not the typical sales message.


Instead, the E5 Method works by introducing a new idea to your marketplace, presents what prospects see as a new way to get results, educates prospects on how and why this new way or mechanism works and then gives them the opportunity to get that mechanism with your product — the only place it can be found.


And, just in case you’re wondering, yes, no matter what you offer, I’ll show you how to spot and name the new, unique mechanism for your product or service.


For now, I simply want you to understand: unlike the typical sales funnel, with the E5 Method, you’re communicating with prospects as an educator, an advisor.


And because you’re not talking about a product, but instead educating on a new mechanism which gets them results, several fantastic things occur:


(1)​Prospects are open and receptive to your marketing, and they aren’t guarded the way they are with a traditional sales message. Because you’re NOT selling. You’re educating.


(2)​Prospects begin to recognize you as an authority and view you as a trusted advisor. Not some slick salesperson just trying to peddle a product.


(3)​You deliver value to prospects through your marketing message, tapping into the law of reciprocity. So, you build goodwill and trust.


(4)​You give prospects hope they can finally experience the results they want because you’re sharing a new mechanism with them. Something they haven’t been offered before. Something they see as the answer to why results have alluded them.


(5)​You create a deep buying desire within prospects that can only be fulfilled by your product or service and no others.


So, through your valuable marketing message, you eliminate all other options. And you eliminate the need for prospects to “shop around.”


Again, with the E5 Method your prospects recognize why the unique mechanism you’re educating them about will give them what they want… and how it can only be found in your product or service.


You see how powerful that is, right?


Now, before we dive into the specifics of the E5 Method, I want to make sure you understand the foundational principles of everything the E5 Method stands upon.


Consider the next section of this book a bonafide crash course on direct response marketing.


If you’re brand new, just getting started, and haven’t yet hit… say… six figures in your business, do not skip this section.


If you’re established, been around, and have been using direct response profitably in your business – feel free to skim over the next couple of chapters.


After this next foundational section, I’ll walk you through the entire makeup and strategy behind the E5 Method. This way, you see how everything works together to give you a campaign that perfectly matches your message to your market’s desires.


You’ll also see how the E5 Method gives you a blueprint for launching your campaign without wasting any time or money.


And you’ll see how it gives you certainty as you expand the reach of your new E5 campaign, bringing you more traffic, more leads, and more clients and customers every month.