Who this SEO is for and why it exists

Why and for whom is this SEO important?

SEO is here to share the lessons we have learned from running SEO for hundreds upon hundreds of websites and analyze the failures and successes of tens on thousands more. It is here to shed light on the best optimisation and promotion strategies in the real world and show you how to apply them to your business to increase your website traffic.

Why and for whom is this SEO important?
Why and for whom is this SEO important?

We tell stories about the business transformations that occurred when these strategies were implemented and then explain step by step how you can do the same.

It is quite simple to understand the basic principles of search engine optimization. This book will provide you with the information you need, whether you are a complete beginner in SEO and digital marketing, or an expert SEO who wants to learn the strategies we use for clients. We’ve attempted to provide a clear explanation of all terms and explained everything in plain English.

We have completed thousands of SEO reviews for businesses all over the globe since 2012. In addition to hundreds of client campaigns, we also carry out world-famous free website and SEO reviews. We spend at least 30 minutes reviewing the website’s performance, deconstructing any successes or failures, and comparing it to other competitors. These reviews are a valuable service that provides a wealth of information on what works well in the marketplace.

After I purchased their Google ranking books, I submitted a free website review. It was amazing how thorough the review was. The video was over 30 minutes and covered everything I needed. It was customized for me. They have scheduled a consultation to help me build my website. Excellent service.

No matter if you are B2B,B2C,B2E, or any other acronym, we have likely seen it all, analysed it, ranked it and helped you to sell more.

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The first edition of this book was written by me because the clients I was speaking to knew very little about SEO. Their knowledge was based on rumours, sales pitch from unscrupulous businesses, and online articles that presented baseless opinions as facts.

Many people had spent a lot of money and time on ineffective SEO that was bound to fail. They would have seen this if they had only understood the basics. This guide is sure to prove as useful to you as Ollie Chapman’s Amazon review, which stated, “Really helpful book. I was able to rank on page one for several keywords in less than six weeks because of the tips in this book.”

Why and for whom is this SEO important?
Why and for whom is this SEO important?

This book was originally written by one person. This edition is a team effort. A variety of Ninjas from super high-calibre Ninja teams contributed their expertise.

It is clear that this wouldn’t have been possible without them. They are inspiring, motivating and kick my ass every day. All of them have contributed directly to the success of this project: Charlie Marchant (Luke Nicholson), Andy Tuxford and Andy Tuxford.

The real work has been done by Exposure Ninja’s Ninjas, who are ‘at the coalface,’ developing and refining strategies that you will read about. Thank you Ninjas.

I hope you enjoy the book, but I also hope it will help you grow your business and increase leads or sales via your website.

I would love to hear about your success stories and answer any questions you may have. These can be emailed to me at [email protected], where I and the Ninja team will try to answer.

What kind of results can we expect?

We’ll be discussing two main topics in this book: how to promote your website on the internet and what to do elsewhere.

If your website needs many changes, you’ll usually see results in a matter of weeks or months.

We offer some low-hanging fruits suggestions for clients websites (for instance, optimizing page titles, which will be discussed in Section 2) that can help bring about rapid ranking improvements.

You can add more text to websites that are primarily image-focused to make your rankings rise quickly.

This graph shows results for a similar business, a B2B eCommerce shop.

The top line represents their traffic in the time period they began working with us. You can see that things were relatively flat the first two months, before moving up significantly in the second. As a result, their sales increased by 3,357%.

The following example shows how a B2B client’s website changes brought about the usual rise in traffic, despite the December dip because of Christmas.


After your website work is completed, you can move on to the promotion work described in Section 3. If you are looking to be competitive at the highest level, or in a highly competitive market, this promotion work is essential.

Section 3 will share strategies that can be used to create market-leading visibility and even total dominance. These strategies can be used regardless of whether your business has just started, is already successful or is’stuck in no man’s territory. These types of efforts are more time-consuming and take longer for the results to be visible.

This work resulted in the most growth for a London-based business. The website was well-designed, and already optimized (the owner had studied this book). We collaborated with them to increase traffic and attract local links. In six months, we saw online bookings rise by 156% and 115% respectively.

Because of the fact that your market competition, your website and your current financial situation can all have an impact on the speed of your results, it’s impossible to predict how traffic will increase or decrease. We have included many real-life case studies in this book so that you can see the results of businesses in similar situations to yours.

What does being at the top Google search results mean for your company?

In 2010, I was a professional drummer. I was also recording drums for people via the internet. This was a new concept at the time. Before I had any idea what SEO was, I created this business by using SEO. I copied what the top ranking websites were doing. I was talking to my neighbor next door one day. Ben was a plasterer and I noticed that he was always at the house. He said that he had no business from the internet. He didn’t even own a website. This shocked me as my entire drumming career had been built online. I foolishly assumed that everyone would have the same experience. I offered to create Ben a website and use my new Ninja skills to rank it on Google. It was built using a free WordPress theme. I added some DIY SEO dust to it and then forgot about it.

A few months later, I was moving cities when Ben called me. I can still recall where I was at the time I made that call. He replied, “Tim! It’s the website.” It’s incredible what you have done for me with that website. I was both humbled and a little confused. Ben said, “The amount it’s bringing to me is incredible.” I opened my surgically-attached laptop and began a quick Google search. I was surprised to see Ben’s website at the top Google search for “Plasterer Tippon”, which was the place he was currently living.

It was a great feeling. This was a fantastic result for a quick experiment. I didn’t expect it to work so well or so quickly. My marketer side kicked in and I quickly grabbed my camera gear to start the two-hour drive back to film an interview. Because I knew Ben was quiet, I had prepared several questions.

As I drove up to his home, I saw that the front yard was covered with plastering equipment and covered in white “decorating dust”. As Ben was leaving his front door, I got out of my car and walked to the curb. I asked him about the purpose of all the gear and he said that he was simply loading up the equipment for a large plastering job he had ordered from the website. I set up my camera and pressed record. Then, I tried to recall the well-written interview questions. I didn’t need to bother. Ben started his first one as soon as the record light turned on. He was replaced by a confident, energetic and enthusiastic Ben.

Ben explained that the website was bringing in so many jobs that he had to send jobs out to other plasterers who were working for him. He was quickly the “plastering kingpin” of town, and he had an important part in many of the most significant jobs in the region. I was again stunned when he said that his website’s success had allowed him and his partner to consider buying a house together.

It was my first experience of the positive impact Google ranking can have on businesses. I was hooked. The Ninjas and me have been involved in many similar stories. Clients became millionaires, started businesses that gave them freedom from their jobs, dominated industries, took on larger competitors (and won), and have taken over their corner of the business world. This book contains all that we learned from doing this.

Although each campaign will be unique to your market, there are many similarities. The core principles of marketing are the same, and they are very simple.

Before we start…

As a thank-you for purchasing this book, I would like to give you a jump start on your journey. While this book will give you a clear roadmap to follow to increase your website’s rank and sales, it is sometimes helpful to have an expert share a few ‘quick wins.’

I offer a complimentary expert review of your website, and some pointers about where to focus your efforts to increase your sales and rank.

This expert review is not a job that can be done automatically by software. The expert review will be conducted by one of our Marketing Consultant Ninjas. It will then be sent to you as an audio video. This video will help you make the changes.

These reviews are truly amazing and you can see feedback from very satisfied marketing managers and business owners on Facebook.

Go to https://exposureninja.com/google/book to get yours.

There’s no cost and absolutely no obligation. We’d love it if you loved the review and told at least one other person to request one.

How easy is it to rank?

One of the best things about the internet and Google specifically is its ability to provide a level playing field. No matter how big or small the business, all businesses can compete on the same Google search results page. If it works correctly, consumers will have the option of a real choice.

This is what I believe in. A meritocracy where each player has the chance to win. It shouldn’t be an auction that charges a high fee for entry, where the bigger players are more powerful and the smaller fish are starved to death.

Search results can include well-known brands as well as obscure gems and newer businesses. While Amazon is a popular choice for its speed and convenience, it shouldn’t be the only option. Online shopping is a great way to have boutiques, specialist and departmental stores all in one place. Consumers love the variety.

How close is this ideal to reality?

Websites that are ‘accidentally” ranked high have gone. The top ranking websites for commercial searches are paid for by the SEO agency or their own time. Although it is possible for smaller websites to compete with big players, they must give this task the proper priority. It’s like bringing a bucket and a toothpick to Sparta to fight Sparta.

To compete, win and dominate in this environment, you must choose to fight the battles that you know you can win. Prioritising these tasks is key. SEO has the great advantage that anyone who promotes their website most effectively will win regardless of their company size. However, people who believe they can rank higher than established competitors simply by clicking a few buttons on Sundays or paying $200 for Fiverr, or any other SEO service, will not succeed.

We are here to assist you in your online marketing.

This has been done hundreds of times in all markets. We will show you how to do it step-by-step.