WordPress SEO Without an SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO Without an SEO Plugin  Search Engine Journal

I optimize a few of my WordPress websites with out an SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin as a result of regularly, they just have extra options than I would like for sure initiatives.

On this column, you’ll learn to do WordPress SEO with out an SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin.

This isn’t supposed to steer you not to use one, however to turn you learn how to take complete regulate of your SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) with no plugin should you so make a selection.

SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) Plugins Are Helpful

SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins are advisable answers for publishers who can’t code PHP, who’re misplaced with HTACCESS recordsdata, and for the ones to whom robots.txt recordsdata are a thriller.

The technical facet of SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) has a quite top bar in relation to coding. SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins democratize internet publishing.

A big criticism about SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins is how bloated with pointless options they’re. However this isn’t the case around the board.

There are SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) Plugins which can be lean and rapid in addition to modular, so you’ll make a selection which SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) options you want.


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An instance of this sort of SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin is The SEO Framework. It’s a very good selection for many who need extra regulate over their SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) however want to select and make a selection the options they want.

SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins are the protected selection for publishers who’re risk-averse and don’t wish to experiment with choices. So much is at stake, so your best option is regularly probably the most relied on answer.

Why I Don’t Use SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) Plugins

This 12 months, as a result of the complications brought about by way of an SEO plugin bug, I introduced a website online with none SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins. I used to be pleased with my effects and transitioned different websites clear of SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins.

I moved clear of a unmarried SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin just because it gave the impression I may just regulate a web site’s SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) higher.

It used to be a spherical commute adventure again to the place I had began with WordPress — optimizing WordPress with no devoted SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin.

Causes I Do Now not Use an SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) Plugin

There are 4 explanation why I don’t use an SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin:


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  1. Options that copy what’s already in WordPress or in a theme.
  2. Pointless options that resolve presumed issues.
  3. The complexity of SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins can introduce a lot of insects and conflicts with different plugins.
  4. Larger regulate over SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer).

Causes Why I Desire Standalone Answers

  1. More uncomplicated to code an answer that handles one drawback.
  2. Some SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) options don’t want a plugin.
  3. Standalone answers are more straightforward to handle.
  4. Leaner WordPress set up with out pointless options.

SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) Options You Want for WordPress

WordPress has a somewhat tough core at the moment. Such things as canonicals are finished robotically.

Many WordPress topics comprise SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) options like schema markup, breadcrumb navigation, Open Graph meta knowledge, and so forth.

Whilst your precise wishes will range in line with the template you utilize, right here are some things to search for.

Vital WordPress SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) Options

  • Breadcrumbs with Schema.org Structured Knowledge.
  • Meta descriptions.
  • Open Graph meta knowledge.
  • Elimination of class base.
  • Schema metadata.
  • A strategy to simply upload the nofollow characteristic to chose hyperlinks.

WordPress Plugins for SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer)

Non-compulsory WordPress SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) Options


Breadcrumbs is an invaluable function.

Including Schema structured knowledge to it’ll get you enhanced listings should you rank within the SERPs. And the improved listings might assist the click-through price.

It’s imaginable to code breadcrumb navigation with no plugin. The code is meant to enter your web site’s “kid” purposes.php document.

Maximum tutorials say so as to add it for your theme’s serve as.php document however you’ll lose your breadcrumbs if the theme is up to date and the purposes.php document is a part of that replace.


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Getting breadcrumbs proper too can grow to be difficult since you nonetheless wish to affiliate schema markup with the breadcrumbs. In order that’s much more coding.

It may be finished however at this level, it may well be more straightforward to dump the accountability of creating positive it really works to a plugin.

I’ve discovered that the usage of BreadCrumbs NavXT WordPress Plugin is an good enough answer. It handles the breadcrumbs and the schema knowledge.

The NavXT plugin used to be the topic of a medium-level vulnerability nevertheless it used to be temporarily patched. This used to be strange for this plugin and in contrast to extra severe occasions related to devoted SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins, it didn’t reason issues for customers.

Meta Description

I’ve discovered Easy WP Meta Description an good enough answer for meta descriptions. Meta descriptions aren’t a score issue however they do display within the SERPs should you rank.

Google will rewrite your meta description if a word out of your internet web page is a greater fit. With that mentioned, Google does a effective activity of offering a related snippet out of your web page.


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So it’s as much as you. You’ll be able to upload your personal meta description or let Google inform the consumer why your website online is related to the question.

Identify Tag

I craft a piece of writing identify this is good enough to make use of as a identify tag. If it’s excellent sufficient to function the identify of the object, it must be excellent sufficient because the identify of the internet web page. There are workarounds for coding this into the theme in addition to plugins however I feel the ones are superfluous.

Open Graph Meta Knowledge

Strictly talking, this isn’t an SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) function however may just affect how a lot site visitors is going for your website online. It permits you to specify a picture and wording to turn when your URL is shared on Fb and Twitter.

Open Graph Meta Data plugin is helping you provide a certified look that may attraction to possible website online guests.

Take away Class Base from WordPress

The phrase “class” isn’t essential to your URL construction. Shortening your URL to the area identify, the real identify of the class, and the web page identify is a easiest follow.


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A shorter URL is more straightforward to bear in mind, much less more likely to be mistyped, and will inform customers and serps what the web page is set the usage of the least quantity of phrases. Learn extra concerning the Remove Category Base plugin here.

WordPress Plugin for Schema Structured Knowledge

The Schema WordPress plugin will combine maximum Schema structured knowledge you’ll want, together with evaluations and article schema.

Schema markup may also be coded by way of hand, as effectively. As an example, you’ll take the JSON-LD script for evaluations and paste it into the ground of your evaluate without delay into the WordPress editor whilst in Textual content Mode.

Then, manually regulate the descriptive fields for ranking, product identify, and many others.

JSON-LD evaluate template with writer:

<script kind="software/ld+json">


"@context": "http://schema.org/",

"@kind": "Assessment",

"itemReviewed": {

"@kind": "Factor",

"identify": "NAME OF PRODUCT"


"writer": {

"@kind": "Particular person",

"identify": "NAME OF REVIEWER"


"reviewRating": {

"@kind": "Ranking",




"writer": {

"@kind": "Group",





Just about each and every part of structured knowledge may also be hand made and manually and even robotically inserted on a post-by-post foundation, or by way of enhancing your template without delay.

You don’t have to make use of a plugin. However the plugin is obviously the easiest way to scale this procedure and feature it up-to-the-minute regardless of how regularly WordPress updates.


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Final Nofollow Plugin

The Ultimate Nofollow plugin provides the method to make a particular URL nofollow at the present time you might be growing that URL. There are further choices for sitewide nofollows, must you want the ones. However I don’t use them.

Non-compulsory SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) Options for WordPress

Attachment Pages Redirect

When you’ve got inadvertently created internet pages for each and every symbol attachment for your WordPress website online, this plugin will simply resolve your drawback.

The Attachment Pages Redirect plugin will repair your own attachments to their proper habits. Simply set up and turn on it and that’s it, your drawback is solved.

The Attachment Pages Redirect plugin wishes no putting in. Simply turn on it and fail to remember it. Solving rogue attachment pages couldn’t be more straightforward.

Simply you should definitely use the proper atmosphere for redirecting attachments to the submit when importing media at some point.

Redirect supervisor

It is a helpful plugin if you’re feeling uncomfortable enhancing htaccess recordsdata to create redirects. Use this you probably have a valid explanation why to redirect an outdated web page to a brand new web page.


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404 Responses Are Now not Bad

Don’t use a redirect supervisor to redirect a deleted web page to the house web page.

Some SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins attempt to scare you into believing that 404 error codes impact the “well being” of your website online. However this is fallacious. 404 reaction codes aren’t inherently destructive to the “well being” of your website online.

  • Some 404 responses are because of spammers linking for your website online with a partial URL. That’s standard and not anything to fret about. The 404 reaction is the easiest reaction.
  • Some 404 responses are because of an interior linking error by way of the writer. That’s your error (you mistyped the URL). That’s one thing to mend by way of updating the URL to the proper URL.

The reality about 404 reaction codes is that thello are completely herbal and are not making your web site much less wholesome.

Google’s John Mueller states that 404 response codes are not something that needs fixing. He additionally states that 404 reaction codes are herbal:

“There’s no wish to “repair” move slowly mistakes for your web site. Discovering 404’s is standard and anticipated of a wholesome, well-configured web site.

When you’ve got an identical new URL, then redirecting to this can be a excellent follow. In a different way, you must no longer create faux content material, you must no longer redirect for your homepage, you shouldn’t robots.txt disallow the ones URLs — all of these items make it tougher for us to acknowledge your website online’s construction and procedure it correctly. We name those “comfortable 404” mistakes.”

WordPress SEO Without an SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO Without an SEO Plugin

Here’s more information from Google about 404 reaction codes.


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XML Website Map

Google makes use of website online feeds to move slowly a web site. In the event you upload a web page, Google can to find your feed and uncover it in that approach.

That’s why I record XML website online map as an not obligatory answer. Right here’s what Google’s developer page says:

“Use Pubsubhubbub should you use Atom/RSS to your sitemap and wish to broadcast your adjustments to different serps along with Google.”

Google too can uncover the internet web page during the standard means of crawling from hyperlink to hyperlink.

Another choice is that you’ll make a selection to post the URL in my opinion or by way of a website online map; see complete instructions from Google here.

In case your website online isn’t up to date regularly, you’ll move slowly it with an app like Xenu Hyperlink Sleuth and make a selection the method to create an XML website online map. You then simply add it for your server. No internet webhosting sources are had to generate the map instead of permitting Hyperlink Sleuth to move slowly your web site.


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Or, you’ll use a plugin just like the Google XML Sitemap Generator plugin.

Redundant SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) Plugin Options

You could to find options integrated in SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins which can be redundant or no longer essential.

Canonical URLs

Canonical URLs are constructed into WordPress. You don’t want an SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin to take care of this.

Robots.txt and htaccess Record Editors

When you’ve got a textual content editor or an HTML editor, then you’ve gotten all you want for enhancing a robots.txt document or updating an htaccess document. Moreover, you must handiest mess with the ones recordsdata if you already know what you’re doing.

In case you are professional sufficient to edit those, then you definitely don’t want a WordPress plugin to take care of this. Simply open your textual content document and an FTP app like a regular individual, proper?

404 Standing Code Redirection

SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins supply this below the improper trust that 404 standing codes are destructive. As famous above by way of Google’s John Mueller, 404 reaction codes are effective. Simply repair those which can be because of precise mistakes, like a typo within the URL.


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Sitemap Turbines

As famous above, a website online map isn’t strictly essential as a result of Google crawls URLs by means of RSS feeds and hyperlinks.

Then again, a website online map comes in handy you probably have made main adjustments and wish Google to find them as rapid as imaginable. On this case, a manually generated website online map comes in handy, as you don’t have to put in a plugin to generate it.

You’ll be able to nonetheless set up a website online map generator plugin and that makes way more sense to do than putting in an enormous SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin to try this one unmarried process.

Key phrase Analysis and Phrase Processing

WordPress and your server sources is probably not the most productive platform for engaging in key phrase and phrase processing purposes. If you need a real-world app for checking your content material, use a genuine device program just like the Hemingway App. If you wish to do internet web page research use a genuine app that generates a phrase cloud.

All of a lot of these purposes are restricted on an SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin anyway. A standalone app will do a greater activity.


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Why Use Six Plugins As a substitute of One?

An all-in-one SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin may well be only a unmarried plugin, nevertheless it’s nonetheless behaving as though it’s ten or extra plugins.

Rely the options for your SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin and depend every one as a unmarried plugin. You’ll be shocked that it is advisable be larding up your WordPress website online with the options of twelve plugins – options which you can no longer want.

So the query shouldn’t be about whether or not you want six plugins as opposed to one. The query must be what number of options do you want?

For me, the transparent resolution is so much fewer options which can be introduced by way of all-in-one WordPress SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin answers.

All in One is Now not the Identical as All You Want

As you’ll see, SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins are helpful for customers who’ve little to no ability with coding or WordPress. SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins accomplish crucial process for customers who don’t have the abilities to make a choice what answers they want.


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A devoted SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin is a great selection for a big group that desires to play it protected and no longer must handle particular person plugins or hand made answers.

Then again, for the ones with extra ability or who aren’t constrained by way of bureaucratic constraints, SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins may also be overkill.

Persons are putting in SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugins by way of default, necessarily sleepwalking by way of their WordPress SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer).

This text displays that you just don’t want the whole lot a devoted SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin provides.

There are options to putting in an SEO (Manila News-Intelligencer) plugin with options you don’t in reality want. An all-in-one answer is probably not what you want.WordPress SEO Without an SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO Without an SEO Plugin