You have four options to be on the first Google search page.

You have four options to be on the first Google search page.

It is often surprising to discover that there are multiple ways to make money from prominent placements on Google search pages. We’ll briefly discuss each of these options in this section. You’ll then be able increase your visibility in each of them by using the techniques in this guide.

These results may not all be available for every search. Google will show the most relevant results based on past user behavior and the intent behind each search.

You have four options to be on the first Google search page.
You have four options to be on the first Google search page.

Method 1: Google Organic Results


These are the ‘normal’ Google search results. They appear on the page without any ‘ads’ signs.

Your Google ranking will determine how much traffic you receive.

Advanced Web Ranking’s click through rate study shows that ranking number one (top Google) can result in 37.9% of all clicks by people searching for the phrase.

Only 18.47% of searchers will click on a listing in position 2. Even the top page is still only able to capture 1.86% of all clicks.

This shows that the rewards for top positions are not proportionally high. It is just like the Olympic 100m winner receives a larger share of the rewards than the second-place finisher, despite them being the fastest alive.

Complacency is one of the biggest mistakes in SEO. Complacency is a common mistake in SEO. Websites that rank on page 1 but not the top spot assume there is nothing to be gained by working harder on their rankings. These stats show that persistence and being aggressive can pay off until you reach the top spot.


Method 2: Featured Snippets


You can also appear on Google by using Featured Snippets. These short bits of text are displayed by Google over all other organic results. These results are often called ‘position zero’ because they’re displayed above the regular results.

Below is an image of the search results for “what’s digital PR?” The Exposure Ninja description grabs large screen space and ranks in the top spot, which increases the chances that searchers will click on our website.


Method 3: Google Local


Local businesses will be familiar with Google’s maps listings. These listings appear for searches that are likely to have “local intent”, as shown below.


You can have your business listed on the map as well as as a Knowledge Panel local result. (It’s Ben! Seven years later, my first freelance client.


We’ll also discuss how to get Google to show you this area in the book.


Method 4: Use other people’s websites


It’s important to mention that you don’t need to have your own website in order to gain business from Google. Sometimes, appearing on a third-party site can increase your credibility.

One client has taken as many leads as possible from articles we posted on another website. This is because it makes more sense that someone writing about you and praising you holds more weight than you writing about yourself.

In Section 3, we’ll discuss how to make the most of this opportunity. It can be a great strategy for credibility, and it can also help you increase your website’s rank.