Your Social Followers

What appears more influential—a business with a Facebook following of 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000?

Following size: What does your following size say about your business?


What appears more influential—a business with a Facebook following of 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000?

Your Social Followers
Your Social Followers

I think you know the answer.

Following size is quite simple to understand in terms of influencer credibility indicators: the more followers you have, the more influential you appear. It’s a numbers game. As mentioned in the 99 billion served Chapter, people are impressed by big numbers. The real question is, how do you amass such an influential horde of fans?


  3 proven ways to amass followers

Ultimately, there are many ways to amass followers across various social platforms. While a quick Google search will return plenty of articles with platform-specific tips, I want to provide some general principles and tactics that you can apply to most (if not all) platforms. Just like getting endorsements from influencers, they require the same commodity: time or money. Let’s start with the paid option again.


  1. Pay to play

Advertising to gain followers can be done on some social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. While earning one follower can cost as little as a nickel, multiply that by 100,000 and suddenly you have a hefty bill on your hands. So, if you want to go the paid route, it’s worth learning about advertising or hiring a consultant to help. It could be the difference between a follower acquisition cost of a nickel or a quarter, which can be a huge difference when your goal is to acquire thousands of followers.


  2. Be active, be consistent, offer value

No matter what platform you’re focusing on, this principle applies. Choose specific times to post on your chosen platforms and then do so at the same time on a weekly basis. In other words, show up. Build the habit of posting regularly because your most enthusiastic followers will come to expect to hear from you at certain times. Always be sure your post offers some kind of value, too. Whether that’s a funny meme, an inspirational quote, a helpful article or just a photo of you and your staff having fun. Enrich your followers’ lives and, in time, you’ll be rewarded with a massive fan base.


  3. Get Influencers to share your content

In the Endorsements Chapter, we discussed how to form relationships with influencers. Once you’ve established those relationships, you can leverage them to build your following. You do that by convincing the influencers to share your articles. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds. Just find content your chosen influencers have shared, write your own posts on those topics and then ask them to share yours, too. The fact that the influencers have already done this with similar articles greatly improves your chances they’ll do it for you. This strategy not only helps increase your following size, but also spikes your traffic and can cause your posts to go viral. To find articles influencers have shared, I highly recommend checking out BuzzSumo.

If your main goal is to get followers fast, I recommend the Pay to Play option, combined with at least one of the other two strategies. Before you start, define your target following size, your budget and a timeline for achieving your goal. Without a clear goal, you may give up with only a couple of thousand followers (which won’t do much for proving your influencer status). And if you haven’t determined your budget, advertising can blow through tons of money quickly.